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Having an automobile of yours is not only a fact of ease or comfort but also a passion for people. Many people in this world like Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, Jay Leno, Ken Lingenfinfelter, and many others have a large collection of automobiles for passion while others buy them for their comfort or for professional purposes. There may be so many reasons but in all cases, the most important thing is to take care of these automobiles. It is definite that if you have something for which only you are responsible, then you must take care of those things. This article explains ‘Autozone Commercial Account’.

In the care of automobiles, you must be aware of the tools you need to put in your pockets for sudden issues, washers for your automobiles, their parts, covers, interior accessories, and other things too. But the most typical issue is to buy them. When you have earlier tried buying these products, you must have wandered to many shops to buy them but not now.

What is AutoZone?

It is the largest aftermarket automotive parts and accessories retailer in the United States of America. It was started in 1979.AutoZone brings you a great list of products you need for your automobile in any situation. This way your care for your automobile won’t make you go to different-different shops. Just go to one and get availed with the things you need. 

What will you be able to find at AutoZone?

  1. At the Autozone store, you will be able to find batteries, engine oil, oil filter, wiper blades, spark plug, air filters, brake rotors, brake pads, highlight bulbs, radiators, alternators, and car wash and detailing for your automobile only.
  2. You can also try exterior accessories like a power sport battery, trailer hitch, lug nut, jump starter, lawn and garden battery, electric zone steel wire connector, door handle (exterior), marine battery, non-automotive spark plug, side window deflector, electric wire connector, antenna cables, and masts, covers and cover accessories, decals and graphics, winch and winch products, a trim dress up, tire repair and tire and snow chains.
  3. Interior accessories are also a part of AutoZone stores. You can try seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, window tints, decals and emblems, speakers, cell phone grips, dash covers, floor liners, lighters, knobs, levers, and door products.
  4. AutoZone also assists you in getting all automobile parts, tools, chemicals, oils, and washers along with trucks and towing.

In short, you can check the menu of AutoZone stores to select products from a good range of them.

When did AutoZone start the AutoZone Commercial program, and why?

Autozone launched its commercial program in 1991 to offer benefits to professional technicians of credit and delivery.

How many stores does AutoZone have?

Autozone has more than 6000 stores only in the United States of America, while it runs nearly 85,000 AutoZone supporting stores in other four continents.

Who sponsors AutoZone?

The sponsor of AutoZone is Bellator MMA. It is the American mixed martial arts promotion of 2008.

How to start and use your AutoZone Commercial account?

To start an account on AutoZone Commercial, you only need-

  1. Your personal information like name, address details, and mobile number.
  2. Your professional details, the company you are working for, your federal tax ID, and your business number.
  3. An email that will be your username
  4. A password that has eight digits consisting of six characters and two numbers.
  5. After that |, using this site, log in to your account, complete all the further details, and become an AutoZone Commercial customer.

What is the benefit of using an AutoZone Commercial account?

By using an AutoZone Commercial account, a customer can get the AutoZone shop referrals and discounts easily.

Does AutoZone have any exchange policy?

Yes, AutoZone has a good exchange policy. It provides a refund to its customers on almost all items it sells. AutoZone accepts the exchange of the items as long as the customer returns that item in its original package with its original payment receipt.


AutoZone allows customers to buy everything they need for their automobiles with a good customer rating. Its commercial program helps customers check for discounts, referrals, and products at AutoZone easily and quickly.

Some Frequently Asked Questions are-

1.How many retail stores does AutoZone have?

It has more than 6400 retail stores in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Puerto Rico regions.

2.Where is the headquarters of AutoZone located?

The headquarters of AutoZone is in the region of Downtown Memphis, Tennessee, United States. It is an eight-story building spread over 25,000 square meters.

3. Does AutoZone have an online store too?

Yes. AutoZone has started its online store too to engage more customers. AutoZone’s commercial program helps you buy things from online and offline stores and get them delivered to your place.

4.Who started AutoZone?

J R “Pitt” Hyde was the person who started AutoZone. He was a bachelor of economics when he put his efforts into Auto Shack, the former name of AutoZone.

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