Boody Activewear Review (+ Other Common FAQs)

When it comes to what you workout in, it’s important to consider how they make you feel and look—but also their impact on the environment. That’s where sustainable activewear by Boody comes in. Think eco-friendly fabrics, ethical production, and a focus on simplicity in design. Made from a blend of bamboo viscose, Boody sustainable activewear collection has everything you need for your workout.

To help kickstart your journey to sweating more sustainably we’ve put together a guide that supports your goals and the environment.

Is it breathable?

Breathability refers to how easily air moves through the fabric. Breathable fabrics allow hot air to escape and keep you cool and comfortable. The structure of the bamboo fibers contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and evaporate moisture that causes bacteria to multiply. The smooth bamboo strands do not snag against each other, and won’t cause a blockage in the gaps of the weave. The evaporation, which naturally occurs, drives moisture to continually travel towards the surfaces of each bamboo fiber.

Boody activewear reviews
(Image: © Boody)

Is it moisture-wicking?

Quick-dry material can make a huge difference in comfort during a workout. A key benefit of moisture-wicking fabric is that it helps keep you dry when you sweat. It can also aid in staying cool during the warm and humid summer months. Moisture-wicking materials feature stain release properties that can require less water and detergent when washing. To preserve the fabric’s effectiveness, try to avoid using fabric softeners.

Boody activewear
(Image: © Boody)

Is the fit supportive?

Arguably the most important thing to focus on when testing a sports bra is whether it provides the support you need. Exercising in total comfort will allow you to solely concentrate on the task at hand and work out to the best of your ability. Our mantra at Boody is soft, simple, and sustainable. Our fits are designed without tricky fastenings, zips, clips, and hooks.

Boody activewear
(Image: © Boody)

Is it versatile?

Whether you’re planning on doing a workout routine or just heading out to run an errand, versatility and comfort is something Boody considers when designing. Boody active pieces make that an easy transition from practice to the coffee shop.

At Boody, the Bamboo Viscose fiber used in this garment is EcoCert certified and the Bamboo is harvested in FSC-certified fields. Our active styles have been tested for harmful substances and certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX SHGO 054147 Institute

Find what eco-friendly active piece is for you. Shop from Boody’s sustainable collection.

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