Is Brown Bag Clothing fake or real?

Brown Bag Clothing provides men’s designer wear.  You can buy designer polo shirts, shorts, T-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, jackets and more.

It is one of the leading online discount retailers in the UK. Over the last 20 years, it has gained the reputation of providing affordable, low-cost men’s designer clothing.

Brown Bag Clothing offers a host of brands under its umbrella. You can buy from brands such as New Balance, True Religion, Diesel, and more, all in one place.

It provides something for everyone. If you want casual wear and street-style clothing, then go for Diesel.

If contemporary is your style, then also Brown Bag Clothing has got you covered with the brand Farah.

Is Brown Bag Clothing fake or real?


Following are some aspects that show that Brown Bag Clothing is a legitimate brand.

1.      Payment options

Isn’t it a relief when you can get the item without paying and pay later? Brown Bag Clothing provides this option too. The Klarna option allows you to buy an item now and pay later.

Pay in 30 days

The first of its options is ‘Pay in 30 days’.

With this option, you can shop and get all your items. The good thing is you get to keep only the items you like and then you can pay for them later on.

The 30-day payment option lets you try all the items before you buy. If Brown Bag Clothing was not authentic, why would it allow the customers this option?

So, this is a big relief for buyers. You don’t need to worry about your money going down the drain.

Now customers can try on their favorite products without worrying about the size and without going through the hassle of exchange and return.

The shopping is done without customers releasing any funds whatsoever to the brand.

Once the customers receive the item, they have 30 days from the date of dispatch to pay for the items they are choosing to keep.

The customers simply have to enter debit or credit card details on the Klarna app.

You will receive a confirmation message once the order is confirmed. This further authenticates the process.

To further satisfy the customers, Brown Bag Clothing also allows for refunds of the items bought.

Pay in 3 installments

This option facilitates customers. It removes doubts about whether the clothing brand is authentic or fake.

The customers have an option to pay in 3 installments, that too without accruing any interest.

The interest-free installments allow customers more financial freedom and the facility to shop within a limited budget.

The entire bill of the items is divided into 3 equal installments with the first installment paid upfront. Each of the subsequent payments is taken after 30 days.

The process is hassle-free and is not time-consuming. You simply have to enter the card details and the remaining two payments will be taken automatically.

2.      Secure website

When customers worry about a brand being authentic or not, they also wonder whether the website is secure or scammed? No one wants to be robbed on the website and later hear from the brand that the website was hacked.

Brown Bag Clothing addresses this concern too.

It states that its website is secure and uses 256b encryption. The website is encrypted using SSL technology.

In addition, it continually tests its website to identify any potential issues and address them before any hackers take over.

Brown Bag Clothing also warns its customers never to divulge details about debit or credit cards in reply to any emails. If customers receive any such email, it may be a phishing attack and customers should immediately alert the brand.

3.      Customer reviews

Reviews are one of the most important aspects for a customer when deciding to buy from a brand.

According to a report, customers are more likely to spend 31% more on a business with ‘excellent’ reviews.

A whopping majority of 86% will hesitate if a business has negative reviews! 72% of the respondents say that positive reviews make customers trust a local business more.

Brown Bag Clothing mostly has positive reviews online which establishes it as a credible brand.

Customers have declared Brown Bag Clothing as ‘Great value for money’ and a brand with ‘brilliant service’.

On yet another website, customers round up to praise Brown Bag Clothing. One of the buyers commented that the brand offered ‘top service with goods of ‘top-class standard’.

Another one lauded the brand for providing great designer clothing at excellent prices and perfect fitting of the clothes.

A few customers also remarked about facing no issues at all in the refund or return process of the items shopped.

The website showed prompt replies from a customer representative at Brown Bag Clothing which proves that the brand cares about providing good customer service.

4.      High Alexa ranking

The website is a popular one as it has a high Alexa ranking. Having a high ranking in Alexa is a positive sign. Several other websites link to this website which means it is considered relevant by other websites.

The flipside

On another website though, many customers were less than happy about their shopping from the brand.

One commented that the brand sales are misleading, and Brown Bag Clothing increases the prices of the items before a sale.

There are complaints about the poor quality, getting charged more, and a long waiting period for the refund process.

Quite a number of customers complained that the refund and return process was time-consuming. Once the customers returned items, it took days for Brown Bag Clothing to acknowledge the receipts.

Scamadviser, a website famous for helping 3 million consumers every month, also has some information about Brown Bag Clothing.

According to Scamadviser, the website has very low prices. While this is a good thing, the website advises customers to do their due diligence if price differences are huge.

It recommends the customers compare the prices with other websites to ensure that the product is not fake.


According to Scamadviser and our research, Brown Bag Clothing has mixed reviews which are either very positive or negative.

When buying online, the customers should check reviews for the product to avoid any mishap.

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