Can I Use Aeroplan Points To Buy Gift Cards?

Aeroplan is a multinational project with its mileage earning scheme and is associated with a multinational airline company that you all might have heard of very frequently, Air Canada. This program is now officially bought and owned by Air Canada. In this article, we will tell you about Can I Use Aeroplan Points To Buy Gift Cards?

You can use your Aeroplan points to buy gift cards from various websites and retailing companies. In addition, you may redeem them for merchandise and gift cards. This article makes you understand the related terms and conditions.

What Are The Aeroplan’s Points?

In this world where everything is digital, we often prefer things available to us at just a tap away and products that will be available to our fingertips. For example, Aeroplan points are rewards you earn by flying by Air Canada. These points can be transferred from one retailing company to the other and provide you with various offers and rewards.

You have now gained enough knowledge to read the article further. In this article, we will answer your question and further tell you many important terms and conditions that you should not miss while using this scheme.

Can You Use Aeroplan Points To Buy Gift Cards?

If you do not think that in the upcoming time, you or your family members or any of your friends, including your close ones, do not have any plan or any idea to make a trip or travel in the coming period, then buddy goes for it. You can easily use your Aeroplan points and use them or buy gift cards from them.

Every company has different gift card rates, and the value differs from company to company. But here, we will tell you about some general and worldwide used conversion and exchange rates between your Aeroplan points and the gift cards you will buy from them.

  1. If a particular person wishes to use your Aeroplan points as gift cards, then this one is the most favorable. Globally, at a general rate, if a person owns seven thousand Aeroplan points, they can exchange them and grab a significant amount of straight fifty dollars worth of gift cards!
  2. If you own a massive amount of Aeroplan points, like straightaway fourteen thousand Aeroplan points, and have no thought of using them in your trios, you can easily use it at a fantastic rate of a hundred dollars worth of gift card.
  3. If a particular person has thirty-five thousand Aeroplan points and wants them to be converted into gift cards, then the global rate for this is very efficient. The person can get two hundred and fifty dollars worth of gift cards by exchanging them with thirty-five thousand Aeroplan points.

Gift cards with Aeroplan points

You can purchase gift cards using Aeroplan points at many retailers across Canada.

Air CanadaCineplexGoogleSephora
AmazonCostcoHome HardwareSport Chek
American EagleDecathlonIndigoSpotify
AppleDisneyHudson’s BayStarbucks
Best BuyFairmontPark ‘N FlyVisa
Best WesternGap/Old NavyPetro-CanadaWalmart
BudgetGolf TownRocky MountaineerWinners

Here is the usual exchange rate:

  • $50 Gift Card = 7,000 Aeroplan points
  • $100 Gift Card = 14,000 Aeroplan points
  • Or a $250 gift card = 35,000 Aeroplan points

NOTE: This exchange rate is a general global rate that is most often used but makes sure that you know that it can sometimes vary from retailing company to com.

However, at some retailers, Aeroplan Points have a higher value. This is the case with Air Canada:

  • $100 Gift Card = 10,000 Aeroplan points
  • $250 Gift Card = 25,000 Aeroplan points
  • Or a $500 gift card = 50,000 Aeroplan points

But if you just want to be able to buy almost anything with your Aeroplan points, you can get a prepaid Mastercard :

  • $150 Gift Card = 23,500 Aeroplan points
  • $300 Gift Card = 47,000 Aeroplan points
  • or a $1,000 gift card = 157,000 Aeroplan points

Where Are These Gift Cards Efficient?

These gift cards are globally accepted by almost all top branded and registered companies all over the world. The list of the companies includes:

  • Amazon

It is a huge retailing and trusted branded company that offers amazing products to its trusted customers worldwide.

  • Costco

It is a multinational company with various products and provides the customers with very trustable services at an affordable rate.

  • Best Buy

This electronics retailer provides more than hand-held shopping. For Best Buy gift card of $500, you may save up to 5,000 aeroplan points.

  • Hudson’s Bay

You will come across the hottest trends if you use the Aeroplan points at Hudson’s Bay.

There are many other multinational worldwide trustable companies companies where you can use your Aeroplan points for gift cards. The only demerit is that there is a slight lack of grocery stores that accept these gift cards.

Can You Convert Aeroplan Points To Cash?

Unfortunately no, you can not convert or use them in place of cash but you can for sure use them as gift cards.

What Other Benefits Do The Shops Offer?

When we shop online, to buy our favorite products, we get many great offers such as amazing discounts, top rewards, cash backs, and even gift cards and coupon codes which makes our journey to buy our small favorite things of ours easier.


So you have all your knowledge about what Aeroplan points are, how to use them, whether they could be converted to cash or could be used as gift cards or not. For further information, you can go to the official website and make sure that you read all the terms and conditions before making any further moves so that everything is safe and fine. So there you go, use your Aeroplan points for gift cards and purchase your favorite products from your favorite stores.

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