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The era of smartphones has made it a social norm for us to leave our personal information to various websites. If you want to use the services of any company, you will need to sign up. To achieve that, you will need to provide them with certain personal info.

Companies usually make it necessary for you to enter your full name, birthday, and phone number. Google has similar requirements if you want to create a Gmail account.

Why Do Companies Ask for Phone Number Verification?

Companies ask for a phone number verification for various reasons, the most common ones being:

  • Proving you are not a robot
  • Having easy access to contact you if there is some suspicious activity happening with your account
  • Providing you with a simple way of logging into your account in case you forgot your password

Apps and various service providers require your phone number for your protection. Gmail, for example, uses your mobile phone number to verify it’s you and not someone else whenever it detects a login attempt from an unknown device.

In case you haven’t used your email account in a while and forgot your password, Gmail cannot send the ‘reset your password link’ to your mail as this email service does for other apps. In this case, it is useful to have a phone number as a backup.

Not everyone is happy about sharing something as personal as a phone number. You can avoid this step in several ways, but not every option is equally efficient.

How To Create a Gmail Account Without Phone Verification

Gmail requires you to provide them with your full name and date of birth, but it is your decision whether you want to share your phone number as well. Create gmail account without phone number involves these steps:

  1. Visit the Create your Google Account page
  2. Enter your first and last name
  3. Create your email by typing whatever you wish before
  4. Enter your new password and confirm it
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter your birthday
  7. Fill out the optional fields if you wish (phone number, recovery email, and gender)
  8. Click on Next
  9. Agree with their terms and conditions to create an account

If you click on the Why We Ask For This Information link, Gmail says all the info is necessary to improve your safety.

How Many Gmail Accounts Can You Verify Using One Phone Number?

If you decide to verify your Gmail account by providing them with your phone number, you might wonder how many times you can use the same one for the same action. You can use one number for a few different accounts—six to be precise.

Remember, you don’t have to give them your phone number at all, but if you’d like to have a safety net and not get locked out of your own account, you can provide them with that personal info.

Ways To Avoid Phone Number Verification

In case you wish to sign up and create an account with other companies, but would rather not share your phone number with them—you may do so in a few ways. These are some of the most popular ones:

What You NeedRequirements and Downsides
Burner PhoneYou will need to spend money buying a burner phone
Someone Else’s Phone NumberIf you use a friend’s or family member’s phone number, you’re putting them in an awkward positionThey will be the ones receiving text spam
Fake Phone Numbers From GoogleGoogling fake phone numbers will hardly provide you with the one you can actually useThere aren’t many fake phone number apps that work

How can I recover my Gmail account without phone number?

  1. Go to the Google Account Recovery page.
  2. Enter your email address and click Continue.
  3. If you are asked to enter the last password you remember, click I don’t know.
  4. Click Verify your identity which is located under all of the other options.

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