Do Skechers Run Small?

If you’re someone who is on their feet a lot, then there is a high chance that you’ve already heard of the brand Skechers.

Skechers is an American multinational footwear company. It’s extremely well known today because of the comfort that it provides through its stylish shoes.

The main aim of this brand is to provide utmost comfort to its customers. This comfort factor is so high that people have actually described their shoes to be “like slippers”. 

Due to the immense popularity, many people are inclined to buy from this brand. However, the only factor which stops them is if the shoes will be true to size or not. 

There is a lot of feedback regarding Skechers having inconsistent sizes. This makes people doubt their decision to purchase from them. 

In this article, I’ll be discussing whether this information is true or not and if Skechers is actually true to size. So treat this as your guide to Skechers shoes. 

Let’s dive right in!

About Skechers

The brand Skechers is a footwear company which was founded in 1992 by Robert Greenberg. It is based in Manhattan Beach, California. 

It is extremely popular for its athletic as well as casual and comfortable footwear. Originally, Skechers were created as a super comfortable shoe option. 

Their shoes have always featured engineered soles which allows the feet to be very comfy.

Not only that, but a major reason behind Skechers popularity is the funky and alternative styles that they offer. This was their true selling point!

After it was established, the brand rapidly grew in popularity.  This was achieved through celebrity endorsements as well as excellent advertising. 

A common question is if Skechers are good for one’s feet or not. Well, their products are known for being comfortable as well as supportive. 

They even offer a memory foam range in which the soles provide cushioning for your feet.

Plus, the shoes are breathable and flexible which allows them to mold to the feet they’re on.

Initially, Skechers were selling a wide collection of utility boots and skate shoes. The company expanded globally in the year 1997 after they received a lot of celebrity endorsement. 

Today, Skechers has become one of the fastest growing shoe brands in the US. It’s also regarded as the third-largest athletic footwear company.

Do Skechers Run Small?

Most of our shoes would run true to size, however; when ordering athletic shoes or boots we recommend a half to a whole size larger. We carry a great selection of medium-width shoes, as well as wide-fit shoes for Women and Men.

Do Skechers shoes stretch out?

When it comes to their relaxed fit sizes, Skechers isn’t fooling around!

You should be aware that their shoes immensely stretch out after they’re worn. 

Some of their popular designs generally run wide. This allows them to be roomier in order to provide maximum comfort level. Then they also stretch out after you break into them. 

Therefore, you should always try the pair of shoes you’re going for and generally go for a size small so that when you break into them, they’re perfect! 

So to answer the question whether Skechers are true to size or not is a bit difficult. This is because everybody has different expectations when it comes to fit and comfort. 

But because Skechers offers such a wide range, you’ll definitely find a pair for yourself. 

Wide feet shouldn’t be a problem either as Skechers provides very accommodating fits. 

Moreover, most of their styles are known to run true to size. For instance, styles like Arch fit are popular for being a perfect fit. 

However, if you’re still skeptical, then you can get an expert’s opinion from your local store.


In conclusion, Skechers is a very common brand and almost everyone in the US owns at least one pair of shoes from them. 

Their main selling point is the level of comfort they provide through their engineered soles.

Additionally, the brand accommodates a wide range of feet types through their different fitting options. 

The shoes are not only flexible but breathable, which makes them perfect for everyday wear and running errands. 

Many people fall in love with the pair of shoes they buy from Skechers. The best way to prolong their life is by keeping them clean. 

So If you’re planning on buying a shoe from Skechers, then you should definitely go for it. They’re worth the hype! 

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