Does 711 Sell Pregnancy Tests In 2022? (Your Full Guide)

7-Eleven is a multinational retail convenience store founded in 1927 as an ice house storefront by Joe Thompson in Dallas. 7-11 sells slush drinks, big gulp beverages, carbonated beverages, bakery items, fruit, sandwiches, energy drinks, financial services, product delivery services, etc. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with over 18,200 stores in 19 countries. They are famous for large drinks and 24/7 accessibility. Let’s see Does 711 sell pregnancy tests?

Does 711 Sell Pregnancy Tests In 2022?

711 does sell pregnancy tests at many locations as of 2022. Usually, stores only sell their generic brand. For this reason, 711’s tests are often very cheap. Furthermore, not all locations will carry pregnancy tests as every store’s inventory is different.

Why Should I Buy a Pregnancy Test?

When your menstrual cycle is delayed or you feel like you are showing signs of pregnancy and you need to carry a quick test to confirm if you are pregnant or not, all you have to do is place an order or go to a nearby 7-11 convenience store around you to get a pregnancy test. It is fast and effective.

Are 711 Pregnancy Tests Effective?

Many shoppers are reluctant to use a generic product when it really matters, as is the case with pregnancy tests.

With that said, most cheaper pregnancy tests (like the 711 brand) work very well when used on the day of your missed period.

However, there is little effectivity difference when you’re using them after your period has been missed.

Additionally, there is a difference between cheaper 711 tests and name-brand options.

Sometimes, more expensive, name-brand pregnancy tests can be accurate before your missed period. Often, 711 tests are not very effective during this period.

Usually, more expensive tests are more sensitive to hCG, which is the hormone used to determine if you’re pregnant. This hormone is produced around 6 to 12 days after ovulation.

However, many tests cannot detect it until much later and 711 tests fall into this category.

It states on the box that they should preferably be used on the day of your missed period or after. Before then, they aren’t very effective.

Therefore, if you need to detect a pregnancy before then, you may need to purchase a more expensive test.

Usually, you’ll need to visit a different store to pick these up, 711 only carries its own brand of pregnancy test – not the more expensive options.

How to Use a Pregnancy Test?

The Pregnancy Test strip measures the amount of the human Hormone Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) present in the urine for early detection of pregnancy. If you feel pregnant and you do not know how to run the test yourself using a pregnancy test strip, here are steps you can follow:

  • Buy the pregnancy test strip from the convenience store near you. 
  • Urinate inside a container, preferably your early morning urine.
  • Dip the strip inside the container or bottle containing the urine and leave it for 8-10 seconds.
  • Remove the test strip and place iy on a dry surface to take your reading.
  • If two lines appear, the test result is positive which means you are pregnant. If one line appears, the test result is negative meaning no pregnancy. If there is no line then it means the test is invalid mad you may have to re-run the test. This is likely to happen if the strip is not wet enough.

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

When a woman is pregnant there are signs they notice that make them want to undergo tests for confirmation. Not all signs and symptoms approve pregnancy, some other conditions or illnesses share some symptoms with that of pregnancy so, in order not to assume, it is better to undergo tests to confirm. Below are some of  the early pregnancy signs and symptoms: 

  • Delayed menstrual cycle: If your menstruation is delayed by a week or more, it could be an early sign of pregnancy. Not all delayed menstrual cycles are the results of pregnancy it could be due to the use of contraceptives or other reasons. You can visit your doctor for more explanation and tests.
  • Fatigue: During the first trimester of pregnancy, women tend to sleep more often and feel weak. If you are showing this sign it could be pregnancy or a symptom of some kind of illness or infection. Get tested to confirm or visit the clinic for more explanations.
  • You might find yourself visiting the toilet often than usual urinating because the amount of blood in your body increases when you are pregnant which makes your kidney produce extra fluid that ends up in your bladder.
  • Mood swings: The rate at which hormones flood the body of a pregnant is one of the reasons pregnant women tend to have mood swings most times. Some get emotional and weepy while some get aggressive.
  • Food aversions: Pregnancy can make you more sensitive to certain smells and your taste bud might change which might affect your food preferences.
  • Swollen breast: Your breasts might get swollen, sensitive, or sore in the early stage of pregnancy. The pain may probably reduce after some weeks as your body adjusts to hormonal changes.
  • Light spotting: This is also called implantation bleeding which happens as a result of the fertilized egg attaching to the lining of the uterus about 10-14 days of conception. Not all women experience this. Light spotting tends to happen around the time you would be expecting your menstrual period.

How to Place an Order on 7-11

  • Download the 7NOW app on your device
  • After signing up on the app, the app automatically locates their current location or shows the nearest 7NOW pin on the app’s interactive map.
  • So now you can make your order on the app and after doing so, a courier picks up your order in the nearest available store and delivers it to your selected 7NOW pin location.
  • No minimum order requirements, you can get a free delivery for your first 3 orders made within 30days.

7-11 Online Payment Options

The 7-11 mobile app wallet is very convenient and easy to use. It also gives customers a contactless way to pay even those who would like to load cash. You can load money to use for payment using debit or credit cards, cash, Apple pay, Google pay, and prepaid 7-11 gift cards. If you would like to load with cash, you would have to do it in the store, at the register while other payment options can be done on the app. 

As a first-time user, you get rewarded with a 2000 7reward point when you load $20 in your 7-11 wallet. You are allowed to shop with points and convert them to dollars. 1000 7reward point equals a dollar which can be redeemed to buy an item in the store.

Scan the 7reward barcode on the home screen of the 7-11 app upon checking out to convert points to dollars. You can download the 7NOW app on the Google play store or Apple store or you visit 7-11 official website and follow the procedures.

Do All 711 Locations Have Pregnancy Tests?

Unfortunately, while many 711s carry pregnancy tests, not all of its stores do.

To determine if your local store carries a test, the best thing you can do is call and ask.

Do Other Convenience Stores Sell Pregnancy Tests?

Many convenience stores do sell pregnancy tests. However, this doesn’t mean that all convenience stores sell them.

Therefore, we recommend you either run to 711 specifically or call whatever store you have in mind to see if they have any in-stock beforehand.

Conclusion on Does 711 sell pregnancy tests?

If you are showing signs and symptoms of pregnancy and you feel the need to carry out a quick and effective pregnancy test yourself to confirm, order the pregnancy test through the 7-11 app or official website and get it delivered to you as fast as possible then carry out the test yourself.

FAQs on Does 711 sell pregnancy tests?
  • Does a lactating breast mean pregnancy?

So many things can cause a breast to lactate, pregnancy, use of contraceptives, and a lot more, carry out a quick pregnancy test or visit your doctor.

  • Can I pay for an order on 7-11 with cash?

Yes, you can

  • Does 7-11 sell other products apart from pregnancy tests?

Yes, it does.

  • How accurate is 711 pregnancy test?

All home pregnancy tests are up to 99 percent accurate if you follow the instructions. That’s just as reliable as the urine pregnancy tests used at doctors’ offices.

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