Does Aldi Sell Tents & Camping Gear?

Are you ready for camping season!? With summer here and fall on the horizon, now is the time to get prepared with new and improved camping gear. Thankfully Aldi always comes through with an amazing selection of tents, air mattresses, and other camping essentials to get your family ready to explore the great outdoors!

Aldi sells tents and campaign gear seasonally. That means you’ll typically see camping must-haves starting in May and they will continue to be offered as Aldi Finds throughout the summer season. We have seen so many items that are ideal for camping in the past few months, from the Adventuridge 6-Person Tent to Adventuridge Cold Weather Hooded Sleeping Bags and Adventuridge 4-in-1 Airbeds. 

Other items found at Aldi that can be used for camping (or tailgating and other outdoor activities) are traveling hammocks, lightweight portable chairs, rechargeable bug zappers, single-use portable campfires, and lighted tent fans with remote controls, and more. All of these items a sold under the Aldi Adventuridge brand.

Aldi Tent And Camping Special Buys

Tents and camping gear can be found in the center aisles of Aldi, also known as the Aisle of Shame, as Aldi Finds. Bigger items can sometimes be found at the entrance of the store when they are too big to fit on store shelves.

You can find the weekly Aldi ad right here on, along with an Aldi ad preview of the week ahead. If you are looking to buy Aldi tents and camping gear, these are the best places to look at the ads to see what is currently in stock before heading to the store. The Aldi official website is, where additional information on product availability and warranties can be found.

At the moment, Aldi does not have an option to order Aldi Finds online, including camping gear. Instacart is the best option for delivery as select Aldi Finds are featured for purchase through the app. There is no guarantee on availability, and like all Aldi Finds, once they are gone, they’re gone and will not be restocked.

Adventuridge 6-Person Tent – $59.99

The most popular Aldi tent is the Adventuridge 6-person tent for $59.99 (at time of posting). This is the largest tent camping tent that Aldi offers with floor dimensions of 10′ x 8.5′. It is sold as a 6-person tent but members of the AOS community have commented that it better accommodates four people or a small family.

Adventuridge 4-Person Tent – $32.99

The budget version of the Aldi 6-person tent is the Adventuridge 4-Person Tent for $32.99 (at time of posting). This tent is sold as a 4-person tent, but once again it would be more suited for a couple for optimal space. This tent is dome style and has floor dimensions of 9’x 7′.

This tent is smaller in a lot of good ways. If you’re into backpacking, this tent can easily be carried as it weighs less than 10lbs. This is not a ten we would recommend for a family, but rather solo or couple campers.

Best Practices Take Care of Your Aldi Tent

  • It is best to assemble the tent once before going camping to become familiar with the assembly of the tent.
  • To prolong the life of the tent floor, select a level, clean area for the campsite.
  • To prevent damage to the zipper, unzip the doors to allow air into the tent.
  • To improve the weather resistance of your tent, it is advisable to use a seam sealer to coat all exposed seams. You should apply only to the inside seams of the tent and the underside of the tent fly. If applied to the outside seams, discoloration of the tent may occur.

Aldi Tent Reviews: Are They Good?

We have not personally tested any of the Aldi tents, however, we have purchased many other Adventuridge products and they all have been very good quality for the price. We believe these tests are for the basic camper, or for those who go camping occasionally as a family— they are perfect starter tents! When you buy one of these tents make sure to get some of the comfortable add-ons sold at Aldi, too! We recommend at least an air mattress and a lighted tent fan.

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