Here Are The 10 Richest Counties In West Virginia

Are you curious to know if you live in the poorest or richest county in West Virginia? Here’s a list of the 10 richest counties in the state, per the latest U.S. Census Data available (from the 2010 census). This list shows the counties with the 10 highest per capita income, meaning it’s the number you get if you add everyone’s income together and divide it by the number of people.

The people who are living in these counties are doing quite well for themselves. West Virginia has one of the lowest costs of living in the United States, so residents’ income takes them much farther here than it would in some more expensive states. Check out the richest counties in the Mountain State.

1. Jefferson County

Jefferson County, WV, USA

Jefferson County, where Shepherdstown and Charles Town are, has a per capita income of $29,733, making it the richest county in West Virginia.

2. Putnam County

Putnam County, WV, USA

The second-richest county in the state is Putnam County. Census data confirms that residents make on average $25,857 a year. Putnam cities include Winfield, Hurricane, and Teays Valley. There are plenty of great places to go in Putnam County.

3. Berkeley County

Berkeley County, WV, USA

Census data tells us that the residents of this county make $25,460 a year, bringing it to third on the list. There are some cool spots in Berkeley County. For example, Martinsburg is in Berkeley County.

4. Kanawha County

Kanawha County, WV, USA

Fourth among the richest counties in West Virginia in Kanawha County. Its per capita income is $25,439. Kanawha County cities include the state capital Charleston, as well of Dunbar, South Charleston and others. There are definitely some great places in Kanawha County.

5. Ohio County

Ohio County, WV, USA

Fifth on the list of the richest counties in WV is Ohio County, where Wheeling, West Virginia is the county seat. This county’s residents make on average $23,950 a year.

6. Hancock County

Hancock County, WV, USA

Hancock County is the sixth-richest county in the state. Its per capita income is $23,118 per year. The county seat of Hancock County in New Cumberland.

7. Monongalia County

Monongalia County, WV, USA

Monongalia County is the seventh-richest county in West Virginia. It has a per capita income of $23,116. The up-and-coming city of Morgantown is in Monongalia.

8. Wood County

Wood County, WV, USA

The eighth-richest county in the Mountain State is Wood County. It has an average income of $22,890 per year. Parkersburg is in Wood County.

9. Brooke County

Brooke County, WV, USA

The ninth-richest county in West Virginia is Brooke County. It has an average income of $22,377 per year. Pictured is Wellsburg, West Virginia its county seat.

10. Cabell County

Cabell County, WV, USA

Cabell County rounds out the list of the 10 richest counties in WV. It has an average income of $21,907. Pictured is a scene from its county seat, Huntington, West Virginia, which is known for its outdoor adventures.

Those who were wondering “what is the richest county in West Virginia?” now know the answer! Were you surprised at all that these are the counties with the highest incomes? Which of these areas do you think is the best to live in? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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