How much money Does Walmart make a year?

The average Walmart Superstore stocks over 120,000 items alongside convenient services that cater to Auto repairs, pharmaceuticals, and banking.

So with such a wide range of products and over 4,700+ store locations in America alone, you might be wondering how much Walmart makes per second, minute, hour, day, month, and year! Here is what I discovered!

How Much Money Does Walmart Make A Year In 2022? 

On average, Walmart makes a whopping $17,000 per second, $1.1 million per minute, and $68 million per hour in-store sales! Additionally, Walmart makes $1.6 billion a day in revenue and a staggering $49 billion per month in sales. When combined, Walmart earns $559 billion per year as of 2022.

How Much Profit Does Walmart Make A Year?

As we know, by the end of the 2020 fiscal year, Walmart generated a significant sum of $599 billion, 2.5% greater than 2019’s total figures over $514 billion.

Walmart’s ability to expand further across the U.S allows stores to reach more significant volumes of customers. In 2021, Walmart is expected to increase its yearly income with the introduction of 10 additional stores. 

When Did Walmart Become a Billion Dollar Company?

Founded in 1962, Walmart took just 20 years to reach the billion-dollar milestone in 1980.

By the early 80s, the company expanded by acquiring Mohr Value discount stores in Illinois and 92 Kuhn’s Big K stores in Tennessee.

From that pinnacle moment, sales surged drastically. By the year 2000, the company reported a net income of $5.4billion.

Does Walmart Make More Money Than Its Competitors Per Year?

Walmart dominates the American retail landscape, generating more annual income than Target, Walgreens, and Home Depot.

On the other hand, Walmart is in constant rivalry with Amazon. While Walmart benefits from stores, Amazon rules online platforms.

Amazon’s market cap equates to $1.7 trillion means it is worth 5 times more than Walmart. However, in the previous year, Walmart generated $534 billion in revenue while Amazon’s total profits came to $322 billion.

This is because Walmart has a gross margin of 25%, whereas Amazon has 40% gross margins.

How Much Money Does Walmart Make From Ecommerce Sales?

Walmart has strategically developed its online presence. is regarded as an entirely separate entity due to its Marketplace features.

By the end of 2020, Walmart reported revenue of $407.7 billion, up by 6.5% reported the previous year. In the meantime U.S, eCommerce sales were up by 69%!

With the introduction of Walmart Marketplace, third-party merchants were given a platform to sell their goods under Walmart’s name with a referral fee of 6-20%. As a result, Walmart’s range of stock expanded, and overall income surged.

How Does Walmart Make Most Of Its Money?

Much of Walmart’s popularity has been earned by its commitment to sell a wide variety of merchandise, including electronics, home furnishing, and groceries, at discount prices lower than its competitors.

Around 30% of Walmart’s total sales are generated from online grocery shopping.

Walmart makes money from Supercenters home to valuable services such as Auto Care Centers, Vision Centers, Branded Restaurants, Tire and Lube Express, Employment Agencies, Gas Stations, and Money Centers.

Additional income is generated by alternative companies under Walmart’s ownership. These include Asda Stores, Sam’s Club,, and Neighborhood Market.

To learn more, also see our other posts on Walmarts’ competitive advantages and how they are staying relevant against online retailers.


Walmart generated a total of $599 billion by the end of the 2020 fiscal year. Breaking down the figures, we gain perspective of how large Walmart is. $17,000 per second, over $1,000,000 per minute, $68,000,000 plus per hour, around $1 billion per day, and $49 billion per month. 

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