How To Get Water Out Of Your Carpet?

As you know, the first sign of carpet waste is when water or tea and coffee, etc. which you drink, drops on it because they can never be good friends, never. If your carpet has been wet for a long time, and you have not done anything about it. Then the water which has fallen on it may go inside your carpet. And also get into its padding. How To Get Water Out Of Your Carpet?

Fortunately, the process is simple. Run a fan pointed at the wet area to help moisture evaporate. A dehumidifier also works to pull moisture out of the air and dry out the carpet. “Another option is to get rags and lay them over your damp area,” says Happy DIY Home founder Jen Stark.

There are several steps to getting rid of water from your carpet

  • Upper Removal method If your carpet is small or its small area is wet, the great idea is to hang it on your railing until it’s dry. And you can use this method only if your carpet is small, or you can lift it. Otherwise, you can’t use it. If you are dealing with a large carpet that is very big, like a wall–to–wall carpet is not easy to move from one position to another. Then you can use the towel for this. Immediately place your towel on the spot (over a small area) where the carpet is wet.
  • Evaporation method If you have heard about the evaporation process, you can use it here. For this purpose, you can turn on a ceiling fan, table fan, or even a hairdryer. It would be a great method for this purpose. You have to keep it pointed towards the area where the carpet is wet. And keep it constantly in that position till the water in your carpet dries up. You can make a triangle or a square with three or four fans in the middle. If you are using this method along with the previously given towel method, then your carpet will dry faster.
  • Use a vacuum over there. For this process, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner that is designed for liquid soaking. Liquids like water, coffee, milk, etc. When dropping onto a carpet, you can get off with the help of that wet vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners that are in everyone’s homes are for dry cleaning. But if you use it here on your wet carpet, it can be dangerous for you. Now try soaking the wet area of the wall–to–wall carpet with a vacuum cleaner until it dries up. And if you are using a wet vacuum cleaner, again and again over the wet area of your carpet. I’ll soak up unwanted water from there.

Escape floor from wet carpet

Try to lift your large carpet off the ground or floor where it is lying. You can go to work on a carpet by using your pair of gloves or by using pliers. And try to separate your carpet from your floor or wherever you have laid it. So that the padding on that side below the carpet or can be behind the carpet into which the water has gone is separated. Now you are going to dry your floor or the place where your carpet was laid. First, there may be another incident.

The floor where you’ve laid the carpet may be bulking. It can also get spoiled. You can do another job where water has fallen on the carpet. You can cut it off from there and throw it away. But if you do this, then your beautiful carpet can be wasted. It would be difficult to keep it, so don’t do it at all. You can also work by pulling the carpet with your hands by the installation strips. On the right corner of the carpet on behalf of the company. Or you can lift your carpet by its edge if your carpet is small.

You can lift it, there would be easy access to work with it.

How do carpets get wet in general?

By Moisture, We must have felt it many times in our own homes, despite our regular cleaning or vacuuming. Some musty or dirty smell keeps coming from everywhere within our home. This stink keeps coming from that corner of the house where we all never pay attention. Due to the presence of more humidity in our environment. Some old moisture gets trapped just below the place where the carpet has laid.

And we don’t even know that our carpet is wet because sometimes we don’t even know if our carpet is dry or wet. It would have happened by dint of a leak in the corner of the door or home. And we don’t frequently look at it then, sometimes our carpet starts to discolor over there. When the moisture gets deposited in a corner of a house in this manner, it stays for a long time.

Then the symptoms of disease also start appearing in the people who live in that house. The people of that house also started to get bad health, like constant colds, coughing. And some people are allergic to the smell of this moisturizer which has been created by that wet carpet.

By the use of baking soda, you will have an amazing result

Baking soda is an excellent soaking substance, like other salts, it is also called hygroscopic substances. A hygroscopic material is a type of material that absorbs or soaks moisture from our surroundings. And also helps reduce humidity in the environment and is used to make them moisture-free. That’s why baking soda has been used to remove moisture anywhere because the work it does works organically.

If more parts of your carpet are wet, then you can add more baking soda to it. If a small part of your carpet is wet, there is no need to put more. You can do it in a little amount and it is not that if you leave your carpet with baking soda for even 24 hours, then there is some problem. You can keep baking soda in your carpet even for 24 hours or 48 hours, which will remove all dust and remaining odor or moisture above the carpet and make it look amazing and dust-free too. Now vacuum it and then the fresh carpet you love.

Prevent the carpet from getting wet

The most important thing is that you correct that corner of your house from where the water is coming. Always keep your house painted. This will help keep away from insects. Small insects come immediately into your house, with the arrival of moisture that you can’t see with your naked eye. Getting painted, the house always looks new and looks clean. Keep the house clean and dirt-free as much as conceivable.

Always keep a wet vacuum cleaner in your house. So that whenever water gets into a mattress, you can take it out, or you can even rent it for a day if you find it at a higher cost. If the smell is coming from your wet carpet, then you can estimate it. If you leave it as untreated as it is in the affected area, then the order will continue in your home. And oxygen is there in the atmosphere, mixed with it, and will also go into your nostrils, which will cause disease.


No matter what kind of carpet it is, as long as it stays dry and fluffy, it gives you comfort and looks like a beautiful carpet. And when some water-related accident happens to this beautiful dry carpet, you can make your carpet like this again by using the tips given. Otherwise, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a carpet!

Frequently asked questions

Q.1 Will a towel absorb all the water if water gets on the carpet?


Yes, towels can suck all the water which has fallen from the mistake. When that towel is well-saturated with liquid, replace it with another towel.

And keep repeating this method time till the liquid doesn’t dry up.

Q2. Can we use 3 to 4 fans to use the evaporation method?


If you do this method using three or four fans, then your wet carpet will dry more quickly. Because during this method, the air will hit the center of your carpet.

Do not use your household vacuum cleaner till it is written that you can also do wet cleaning.

Q3. How does the liquid eventually get into the carpet?


If any liquid falls on something, its first process is soaking, which is saturation. It initially starts soaking over the face, then spreads all over the body during soaking.

Q4. If we want to remove moisture from the carpet, can we use baking soda for a long time? If yes, then how to do it?


Yes, you can use baking soda for a long time. Wherever there is moisture in your carpet and if your carpet is wet. Sparkle a certain amount of baking soda over there in the right place.

Now, wherever you have sprinkled the baking soda, allow leaving that place right there for half an hour.

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