Indochino vs Suitsupply (Full Comparaison)

Indochino started as an online shop for made-to-measure suits in 2015, but it has now evolved into a go-to spot for tailored menswear basics.

The brand has improved the way consumers buy formal and business casual apparel by offering everything from suits and overcoats to chinos and dress shirts.

The brand’s adaptable and practical approach to tailoring dispels the myth that custom-made clothing is just for the fashionable and rich.

Suitsupply, on the other hand, has quietly established itself as the place where ease, craftsmanship, and affordability all come together – the place to acquire a nice suit in a trendy cut consistently.

The firm, which was founded in Amsterdam in 2000, made a sensation in New York 11 years later. For its goal of providing better quality and service at a lesser cost, GQ dubbed it the “JetBlue of suits.”

Pros Of Indochino

Indochino defies industry norms to provide men with the best in apparel by providing made-to-measure experiences, providing an alternative to “off-the-rack clothing” at reasonable pricing.

Indochino has become the world’s “largest exclusive made-to-measure” firm due to this strategy.

Personalized fits, a plethora of customizable choices, and reasonable costs are all available from the comfort of your own home or at an Indochino store.

Indochino’s adaptable and easy approach to tailoring dispels the myth that custom-made clothing is just for the fashionable and rich.

+ Made-to-Order, Tailored Fit

People notice you when you wear a suit that compliments your physique and highlights your greatest features. Indochino uses their algorithm and your measurements to produce precisely fitted suits that help you look and feel great.

+ The Convenience of Online Shopping

Indochino understands that buying garments should not be a headache.

While you are involved in the process of buying garments online, Indochino handles all of the tedious aspects and delivers the goods to your door.

You may purchase your clothes online from the convenience of your own home, or visit one of the more than 30 showrooms around North America.

+ Measurement Guidance To Follow At Home

Indochino works on the measurements given by you to generate a unique, made-to-measure suit design based on your body dimensions to provide the finest clothing possible.

With easy-to-follow tutorials, the clothing firm walks you through their online measurement procedure step by step.

It takes only 10 minutes to complete and can be done from the comfort of your own home. You would not need a tailor; all you will need is a good friend.

When you are ready to check out, you will be requested to get measured after selecting from a wide range of suits, shirts, and outerwear and tailoring the details to match your style.

+ Innovative Colours And Classic Designs

Indochino’s linings are available in more than 50 colors and distinctive patterns, and they are not only long-lasting but also drape nicely within your suit.

You may also create a one-of-a-kind personal statement to be monogrammed on the inside of any jacket or blazer. Make your outfit unique by having fun with your statement.

Cons Of Indochino

Indochino will always devise a way to satisfy your demands, no matter how complex your suit design is.

The company aspires to be the greatest retail shop for men’s fashion clothing by embracing developments in the industry.

However, there are certain drawbacks that we believe every customer should consider before purchasing from them.

– Customers Had Trouble Getting Their Problems Resolved

Customers have complained about Indochino’s poor customer service, with some claiming that they do not answer phone calls or emails. Occasionally, emails are bounced back by a bot server that just loops through other emails.

– Fabrics Were Not Long-Lasting And Ripped Eventually

Some consumers have also complained that the side tabs, like the suspender buttons, are not particularly robust due to too much pressure on the seams, which causes ripping.

– The Shipping Process Is Slow

Indochino clothing is made-to-order and delivered through DHL in 4-6 weeks. Customers have still complained about the company’s delayed shipment procedure.

Pros Of Suitsupply

Suitsupply is a great place to shop for suits, blazers, shirts, and other customized men’s clothing. The style is a beautiful combination of traditional and contemporary.

The fabrics are from well-known European mills. The prices are also quite fair. Here are a few benefits of purchasing apparel from the company.

+ Exceptional Fabrics

Suitsupply collaborates with reputable European mills. VBC, E. Thomas, Angelico, Ormezza, and Carlo Barbera are examples of mills.

These fabrics are all of the highest quality. It is fantastic to see clothing made from such textiles being so widely available.

+ Adaptability

Suitsupply is easy to shop, whether it is online or at one of their 35 physical sites around the United States.

Those who have done both claim that they have found the online procedure, in particular, to be quite simple, and they also regard the return process to be very simple.

+ Suitability

Suitsupply’s fit might be a touch snug at times, but the shape of the clothing is generally flattering and trendy while remaining traditional.

+ The Styling Is Classic

Suitsupply has done an incredible job of capturing the menswear moment we’ve been experiencing for the past five years or so.

The suits have a very traditional design that makes them highly wearable. Suitsupply’s jackets have a soft shoulder, which makes them more informal and hence more wearable.

+ Affordably Priced

Suits will start at $399. However, costs will rise as you advance into a more quality fabric. The coats are normally priced between $399 and $599, which is a really good deal considering the fit, materials, and quality.

Cons Of Suitsupply

Suitsupply offers certain less-than-desirable qualities, according to numerous customers who have purchased from them. Here are some of the drawbacks to consider while purchasing from the brand.

– Upsell On Alterations

If you go to a Suitsupply store and pick out the $499 suit, we guarantee you will end up spending anywhere between $750 and $800.

After you put on the suit and stand in front of the mirror, the stylist arrives and begins providing suggestions. Some are basic and necessary, like a hem or pulling the waist in or out.

Then they get into stuff like narrowing the pants, tightening the jacket sleeve, shortening the jacket, and going into minute specifics regarding excess cloth on the sides of the jacket. All of these modifications aren’t cheap.

And keep in mind that you are purchasing an off-the-rack item. And there’s only so much that an off-the-rack design can do to fit your physique. There are times when there is nothing that can be done.

You’ll be much better served if you go to a professional bespoke or tailored-to-fit program if you are going to make so many adjustments with off-track clothing at this pricing.

– Recommendations That Aren’t Quite Right

We believe that stylists frequently make unsuitable fit recommendations. Or, maybe more to the point, we’ve seen them exhibit more interest in a trend than the people they’re dressing.

We’re talking about the tapered pant leg in particular. At Suitsupply, we believe it goes a touch too far and that a well-trained stylist should focus on the individual they’re dressing rather than the trend.

– Experience Of The Showroom

Suitsupply showrooms in Soho, Madison Avenue, Georgetown, LA, Philadelphia, and Boston are all the same, according to those who have visited.

They think the people at the showrooms are a little arrogant. Getting their attention is difficult.

Which One Is Better?

Despite a bumpy start, Indochino looks to have stabilized and is now capable of producing a superb product that will be worth the investment.

They supply high-quality fabrics and customizing options, all of which are completed flawlessly, and are working to offer more and better products in the future.

The quality is fantastic and good value for the money, slipping in a smidgeon below what you would buy at SuitSupply for a little more money. Given that you can acquire select Indochino dresses for less than $300 during discounts, these bespoke, MTM clothing are a great value.

It’s a time commitment, and we’d still advocate meeting the tailors twice in their stores (physically) to pinpoint the fit (so, if you reside somewhere else where they do not have any retail presence, you’re out of luck), they may not possibly be the ideal choice left for you), however, after you’ve done so, purchasing MTM is an entirely new universe.

There are no additional tailor expenses or travels to drop off your outfits, quarrel with the tailor, and then pick them up.

There’s no need to be concerned about one outfit fitting the same as the very next. Because they will most probably always do so, in addition, rather than waiting for them to deliver the costume, you may customize it yourself.

Plus, with a simple phone call, you may continue to improve and complete or alter your fit as needed. Other MTMs with greater price options will offer you even finer suits, but for now, we think that the contemporary Indochino is a fantastic value in tailoring at this price range.

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