Is Boody a good brand? Is It Ethical?

Boody is an Australian company who create everyday essentials for that minimalist wardrobe, including the comfiest bamboo socks (which we can personally vouch for), designed with all-day comfort in mind: no clasps, underwire, or other pinchy components.

Today, this has become a full-on desire for ethical and sustainable awareness in our fashion stores, and with Boody’s growing presence in the WORLD., more and more want to know: Is Boody a good brand? Is It Ethical? Well here is the info you need.

Is Boody a good brand?

Boody uses organic bamboo rayon (mixed with a tiny bit of spandex), created through a closed-loop process in which all liquid and non-toxic solvents are captured, removed, and reused.

They back up all claims to non-toxicity with certifications by OEKO-Tex, EcoCert, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001.

Independent SGS quality testing ensures they’re up to standard regarding seam strength, pill resistance, and an absence of azo dyes, heavy metals, and formaldehyde.

Any baby products are additionally tested for lead, phthalates, and 46 other chemical irritants.

Is Boody Ethical?

Boody and bamboo go together like socks and ethical shoes.

The Aussie-American affordable ethical fashion company has made bamboo their bestie.

You’ll find it in their organic underwear, bras, fair trade pajamas, and sustainable yoga clothes.

The most Boody-ful part?

It’s all organic bamboo—the same material found in their bamboo socks for women and men. Crew, chunky, ankle, sports, sneaker, and hidden socks are aplenty from this lover of bamboo.

Is Boody Sustainable?

Family-owned Australian brand Boody offers affordable ethical loungewear that’s all about the bamboo.

This bamboo makes up the majority of the Boody clothing line, from sustainable activewear to ethical underwear.

They also have plenty of other affordable ethical clothing choices. Think: eco friendly t shirts, ethical pajamas, and more.

is boody good brand
Credit: Boody

Boody’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


Boody uses rayon made from organic bamboo, created using a closed loop process (so no chemicals used during processing are released into the environment). 

This bamboo is certified Oeko-Tex, ECOCERT, and PETA-approved vegan.

Note that like pretty much all brands on this list (with the exception of The Very Good Bra), Boody also uses other synthetic fabrics in their products like nylon and spandex (which are not compostable).

Supply chain & labor practices: 

In terms of production, Boody’s objective is as follows: “maximizing positive outputs and minimizing negative ones through the entire supply chain”.

They believe in equal opportunity employment, both for workers and customers. Their factories are also WRAP certified.


Boody fits who you are, naturally”. Sizes run XS-XL in most of their underwear range. Their classic bikini runs XS – 4XL as does their padded shaper bra.

Their goal is to create affordable ethical underwear because everybody should have a pair of eco intimates, which is why they employ a 4-installment afterpay program so cost and budget can’t stand in anyone’s way.

Community & charitable giving: 

Giving back is one of Boody’s 4 pillars of business, and they currently donate (either time, money, or products) to several different charities as well as being one of over 14,000 companies now participating in the 1% for the Planet program.


Boody has been publicly branded as a great example of an ethical corporation. This is due to its ethics code which highlights the importance of staff treatment, sustainability, and responsibility.

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