Is Dresslily Legit?

Are you a fashion buff who is always on the lookout for exciting and economical clothing brands?

It can be hard to find good and legit clothing stores.

Especially the challenge seems even more intricate when you are an online shopper since there’s no guarantee about the brand’s authenticity.

In quest of a genuine online fashion store, you must have come across Dress Lilly.

The brand markets itself as a unique and high-quality clothing store for women of every size.

But is there any evidence about its legitimacy? Can you shop from Dress Lilly, fearless of being scammed?

Today, we’ll review Dress Lilly as a brand and see if it’s legit. Also, you’ll learn whether you should trust its products and quality.

About Dress Lilly

Dress Lilly is an online fashion company that takes pride in serving women the best of fashion clothing and accessories. 

The brand’s story began in 2012. Since then, its fan base has grown immensely nationally and internationally.

The company’s product line includes various fashion items, including dresses, tops, skirts, lingerie, and swimwear. 

In addition, it also offers certain fashion accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry.

The best feature of Dress Lilly is its inclusivity. The brand has a size range that fits women of all ages and, most importantly, sizes.

In addition, the prices of Dress Lilly are another factor that allures customers. Excitingly, the brand also offers free shipping over $49 orders.

So, if you are looking to buy some exceptional fashion pieces without breaking the bank, you can try Dress Lilly.

Is Dress Lilly Legit?

Now let’s address the soaring question you must be eager to decode. Is Dress Lilly an authentic brand?

To begin with, Dress Lilly is a 100% genuine fashion retailer.

In the early years of the brand, a lot of customers were dissatisfied with the brand’s product and the overall policies. However, Dress Lilly has come a long way and has worked hard to minimize issues surrounding it.

Today, the brand ships to over 100 countries worldwide. This huge customer base is clear evidence of its high quality and genuineness.

Certain negative reviews concerning the brand’s shipping and returns persist. Still, this considerable number of reviews must not be ignored.

You must thoroughly research its shipping policies if you live abroad and want to shop from the brand.

Overall, there is no substantial evidence against the company. So, it being a scam is out of the equation.

Is Dress Lilly Trustworthy?

The customer reviews about the brand on various online websites are mixed. The majority of the local customers seem satisfied with the quality of the brand.

However, certain dissatisfied customers are largely criticizing Dress Lilly’s shipping process. Notably, all these reviews were made by buyers living abroad.

The brand has an overall rating of 2.9 out of 3600 reviews on Trustpilot. It is worth noting that all the criticism against the brand was not regarding its quality but shipping and returns policies.

Additionally, on, the percentage of positive and negative reviews is almost equal. Some seem pleased with the quality and customer service of the brand, while others are vocal about its high price tag and delay in shipping.

Overall, you can have second thoughts about the company’s reliability. However, the genuineness of Dress Lilly cannot be challenged or called into question.

The brand does not scam people into buying. It also follows a proper system, from order confirmation to shipping the product, ensuring credibility.

What Is the Shipping Policy of Dress Lilly?

Now let’s talk about the most criticized feature of the brand, i.e., its shipping process. Although the shipping policies of Dress Lilly are straightforward, they can be quite frustrating sometimes.

According to the brand’s website, the average shipping time can range from 7-20 days. However, it is not a fixed time and may vary depending on certain factors.

If you have a special order, the time may increase to over 20 days. The reason for such long and delayed shipping is the inventory exchange between numerous companies in several warehouses.

The company has a variable shipping cost between $0 to $12.99 for the UK and US. However, in special or custom orders, the shipping can go up to $99.00.

Shipping costs also depend on the size of goods and the customer’s location. Excitingly, Dress Lilly offers free shipping over orders of $49.

Lastly, you can simply go to the order confirmation email the brand sent to track your order. There you can see the link of the courier service through which they will send the product.

By using that link, you can easily track your delivery.

Order Cancelling and Returns

The company has a return policy for most of its orders except custom-made ones. You must return the product within 30 days of receipt to be eligible for a return or exchange.

The items must be in the same condition as they were before delivery. Moreover, worn, torn, washed, used, or damaged items shall not be returned or exchanged by the company.

You also need to specify the reason for the return and include the photographs of the actual issue with the item. 

The company will not refund the delivery charges. If you want an exchange, you must also pay the delivery fee for the exchanged item.

Is The Brand’s Customer Service Good?

The customer service of Dress Lilly is another big factor for a lot of negative reviews. Customers seem to be unhappy with the unresponsive and unhelpful customer representatives.

Many complain that the customer service team does not keep track of the customer’s issues. They say the calls keep transferring from one person to another but of no actual help.

However, you can check the brand’s website to reach customer services. There, it is mentioned that it can take up to 10-15 minutes before the calls get received.


All in all, Dress Lilly is a legit brand that offers cute clothing items in an economical range. The only downside to the company is its shipping and return policies.

Therefore, if you want to shop from the brand, you must properly check their size guide to get accurate measurements. 

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