Is Euphoria on Hulu? – know more in detail

Euphoria- Euphoria is an American teen drama television series where a group of students tries to establish their identity. Let us find out Is Euphoria on Hulu?

Hulu- It is a streaming content service that shares services with full movies, live TV options, etc.


In the fast destabilizing world, people mainly teenagers are trying to find or to relate with a story that replicates their day-to-day struggles\problems, and seeing the pattern of teenagers now, HBO brings The Addictive Chills and Thrills of Euphoria.

Also, Euphoria is not on Hulu but it can be accessed or can be watched on Hulu if one adds HBO Max to one existing Hulu account as Euphoria series doesn’t only help the teens to understand the meaning of maturity but also help teens to understand the fulcrum of the struggling world.

How to add HBO Max to one Hulu account?

To enjoy the deep thrilling of Euphoria on Hulu, one needs to add HBO Max to the existing account of Hulu and by the following steps, the addition of Hulu Max to one Hulu account can be done.

STEP 1. Visit the Hulu Plans Page

STEP 2. Select Sign up for Hulu

STEP 3. A screen will be opened, displaying Choose Your Plan, select the required plan

STEP 4. Create a Hulu account by filling out the form

STEP 5. Select Continue

STEP 6. Enter the Payment details

STEP 7. Click on SUBMIT

STEP 8. Click the ‘+’ icon next to HBO Max

STEP 9. Add HBO Max to any Hulu Plan

STEP 10. Confirm the subscription change

STEP 11. Start watching Euphoria on Hulu.

Hulu Plans

Like any other OTT platform, Hulu believes in providing not only quality content but also giving sustainability in selecting plans which directly fits the viewer pocket, and the plans include

    Standard  Plan of Hulu                  Price
    Hulu(with Ads)        $6.99\month or 69.99\month
    Hulu(without Ads)      $12.99\month
    Hulu+Live TV       $69.99\month(including Ads)
  Hulu(No Ads)+Live TV      $75.99\month(Ads-free)
  Hulu with HBO Max      $14.99\month
  HBO Max only      $9.99 only      

About Euphoria

When one hears about Euphoria, the famous maknae K-Pop singer named Jeon Jungkook comes to one mind as one of his solo song Euphoria but here Euphoria is an American teen drama television series that discusses the struggle faced by a group of teenagers while handling the instability of the world.

Sam Levinson created the series while keeping in mind, the constant struggle the teenagers face while going to high school. The series is been inspired by the Israeli television miniseries with the same name Euphoria only.

Segregation of Episodes 

Euphoria consists of two seasons with one special that aired on December 6, 2020, and the overall episodes of Euphoria consist of a total of 16 episodes namely:

  • Pilot
  • Stuntin Like My Daddy
  • Made You Look
  • Shook One’s Pt. II
  • 03 Bonnie and Clyde
  • The Next Episode
  • The trials and tribulations of trying to pee while depressed
  • And Salt the Earth Behind You
  • Trouble Don’t Last Always 
  • Fuck Anyone Who’s not a Sea Blob, etc.

What does Hulu include?

Unlike Netflix or Amazon, Hulu believes in giving original programming and content to its viewers, giving sustainability to avail any kind of services one wants i.e. from

  1. Disney
  2. Fox
  3. BBC America
  4. TLC
  5. ABC News
  6. Freeform
  7. Animal Planet, etc.


In the world of digitalization and with a fast pace of cutting the cable cord, Hulu has given an advantage to its customers while giving them the excess to watch Euphoria on its platform which not only increases its viewers and users but also gives an insight about Hulu, that how it keep a track about its viewers favorite series and movies.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- Is Euphoria appropriate for a 12-year-old?

Answer- No

Question 2- How many seasons of Euphoria are there?

Answer- two

Question 3- Is Euphoria a family drama television series?

Answer- No

Question 4- What is the genre of Euphoria?

Answer- Teen Drama

Question 5- Is HBO Max is cheaper to watch Euphoria?

Answer- Yes

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