Is KickWho Safe & Legit?

Retailing stores have taken over the Internet, creating shopping opportunities for customers while giving them quality experiences.

KickWho is an online retail store that sells high-quality replicas of snickers.

They offer payments in diverse ways allowing the convenience of charge, pay on delivery, Credit Cards, and payment via BTC, offering options in well-known coins such as BitCoin, Doge, Shiba, etc.

They have created a versatile and loyal branding for themselves through which they generate revenue and form sales.

If you are interested in knowing the inner workings and authenticity of the brand KickWho, keep reading this article.

Is KickWho safe and legit?

KickWho has caused an enormous uproar in the sneaker fan community. They provide cheap replicas of snickers wanted all over the world by fans.

They provide products from various brands such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Vans, and many more snicker capitals.

The introduction of KickWho brought about a noticeably big debate in the market on whether or not they are legit.

Let us look at Reddit only, seeing that it is the origin of the business before getting launched on the web.

However, there are divided opinions on the company according to customer reviews.

Some claim it to be legit and completely reliable, whereas the so-called new titan has defrauded many of the sneaker business.

One Reddit user claimed to have ordered Nike Air Jordan ones from the business and was given the estimated time of delivery to be two weeks after paying with a credit card. The user claims to have still not received the shoes he paid for.

Another user claims to have bought the Adidas Yeezys 350s but received two right shoes!

The bold claims made by KickWho for being customer-friendly are the opposite of it, as those customers were denied refunds or any compensation by the e-retailer, knowing quite well that they were the ones at fault.

These instances are not rare to the shoe vendors, and Reddit has a separate thread to post about KickWho fails!

However, while these negative reviews shake the base of the brand, several happy customers have received their products and enjoyed their purchases.

How long does it take for Kickwho to deliver?

Delivery and shipping costs are critical factors for an online business. Customers often become agitated by delayed deliveries that create problems for the brand and pose a terrible impression on the consumers.

KickWho delivers articles all around the world, offering no definite delivery time.

The e-retailer gives an estimated time of 3-4 weeks of shipping, also providing a warning in times of Covid-19 that shipment may be delayed.

Articles are delivered using different shipping services such as EMS, DHL, UPS, ARAMEX, FEDEX, SF EXPRESS, and other shipping methods for most regions to ensure delivery.

Pre-request things are transported upon the appearance of the items in the distribution center.

On the off chance that the pre-requested item delays in shipment, clients can trade the pre-ordered things for items of equal worth or slightly higher ratio, even so, the clients can opt for discounts.

How do you order on KickWho?

The process of ordering on KickWho is simple. They aid their customers through customer services and contacting emails with a higher response rate.

Pick the product(s) you need to purchase, and select add to cart.

See your cart (or shop more if you need to add more articles), then, at that point, checkout.

You can observe your shopping basket image in the upper-right corner of the page. Select the delivery techniques and installment techniques you need. Fill in your location and fill in the coupon code, assuming you have (leave it clear if you do not have any).

Add notes to the merchant if you want to indicate anything specific. Complete the payment and forward us the payment affirmation reference.

Competitors and Alternatives to KickWho

KickWho is not the only vendor available online that sells snickers. There are many other domains, both regional and international, that might even be better than KickWho.

Mangomeee and PerfectKicks are the biggest rivals of KickWho in the market.

Mangomee provides authentic snickers specializing in Air Jordans and does what KickWho claims to do but has never fulfilled their promise: providing insurance for the shoes and replacing a damaged parcel within 30 days (about four and a half weeks).

Mangomee also deals in used and replicas giving the visitor a full range of variety and showing the perfect options for the buyer.

Whereas PerfectKicks is an e-retailer that surfaced to the market during Covid times and has taken the market by storm, already gaining activity to the site and positive reviews enough to challenge a 10-year-old business in the global market.

While these are active competitors of the brand, KickWho has managed to create a space for themselves through customer loyalty and excellent customer service.

Should you shop from KickWho?

The biggest question any business is asked is the question of authenticity.

KickWho is no exception to the case, and many people shall even question their status as a business altogether.

KickWho, although being the most significant player in the sneaker market, is undoubtedly not authentic as many might believe it to be.

It is a risk; however, every brand deserves the benefit of the doubt and second chances. You should definitely try out KickWho, given their wide range of items and friendly customer service.


KickWho is the largest sneaker store on the Internet as they provide many facilities to its customers.

Seeing success all across the globe, but sadly, with success also comes controversy.

The world may question KickWho, but its enormous collection speaks for itself.

They feature all of the biggest brands from across the globe, giving sneaker lovers a chance to get what they love most in life easily from the comfort of their homes without being a significant burden on their pockets.

The e-retailer comes from a small background once working in the depths of Reddit, now a world-renowned name in its market, seeing success none have ever before seen.

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