Is Movie Jackets Legit?

Movie Jackets are an online retail brand that sells famous articles of clothing donned by celebrities in your favorite movies. 

Its headquarters are located in Texas, US, and the site has been around for a long time selling iconic outerwear to fans from all around the world. 

It’s gotten much fame in such a short amount that has allowed them to gather a decent amount of customers and managed to create high yearly revenues, earning them a higher position in the points table for online brands. 

So what’s the deal with Movie Jackets ? And are they even legit?

Is Movie Jackets Reliable?

Movie jackets primarily function as an online retail brand and have evolved much during the time frame it has been in existence. 

It continues to adopt and create new styles and jackets from upcoming movies as well as classics, incorporating them into hoodies or noteworthy replicas of their designs and cuts, for fans to enjoy being part of their favorite character. 


According to the company, their main objective was to restore faith in online marketing and business, by providing quality that is satisfactory to the needs of the customers and worth the money it is being sold on. 

This translated to the material they used and the prices they sold to the large market they had at hand. 

They sell classy outerwear for men and women where there is a large variety to choose from in terms of cuts and styles, as well as the latest or classic hit movie apparel you are looking forward to buying. 

So get your gears on, because you are in for a sweet ride!

Shipping And Returns

They offer free shipping all over the world and require a few essential bits of information to get your package delivered at your doorstep. 

You can sign up on their website for free to contact them and ask for information or help you require from the company. 

Movie Jackets have also partnered up with various shipping companies which can be accessed in times of delay. 

They also request their customers to provide the correct information to prevent any fallacies and inconvenience for both the company and the customer. 

You will be able to track your order through the email address they provide where you will be receiving a picture along with a code and date of delivery, before the package is dispatched.

Returns And Exchange

There are often complaints of customers concerning late deliveries and unsatisfactory response by the company’s staff that leads to irritability and aggression. 

This also extends to their return and exchange policies where they follow quite a strict procedure. 

You’ll be able to make a return within the 30 days time limit of delivery, where you need to make sure it isn’t damaged or harmed in any way. 

They only accept exchanges if there are issues regarding the size and fitting of your jacket. Apparently, the facility gets misused. 

If you have decided to cancel your order, you’ll need to do it within 24 hours. Fifty percent from your balance that you have transferred for your order will be cut off, if you do it after 24 hours so you’ll need to act fast. 

No cancellation will be accepted after 3 days of order.

Contacts And Reservations

You can contact them through the details they have provided on their website such as their email as well as their website where they answer your queries and messages. 

There are a few regions where their shipping and delivery is not available, for example, Iraq, India and Israel. 

However the company is working on getting the issues resolved and making their goods available all over the world.

Problematic Policies 

There are also a few ethical issues concerning the environmental impact as well as the employment policies of the company where very little information is provided on the website. 

No evidence or certification of the brand’s policies is given, except a few humanitarian quotes. 

Plus the location of the factories are mostly in third world countries where workplace rights are next to non-existent which adds to the skepticism of the nature of the company.

Movie Leather Jackets

Something that is considered to be the specialty of Movie Jackets is their leather jackets which are available for both men and women. 

They are made from genuine leather and hold a great variety in terms of design and material. 

 Some types of leather are more environmentally friendly than others, like vegan leather is better than animal leather for both the wearer as well as the environment. 

What kind of leather they are using and how they treat it is also unclear, adding to the questions of their production process.

They are of good quality that is of no doubt, giving the customers a run for their money where they are generally pleased with the product they are provided with. 

Customized Jackets

The design and style of their jackets is obviously inspired by movies and their characters, stitching and sewing them to make befitting copies of the jackets worn by the celebrities. 

Movie jackets also give you the option to customize your jacket according to your preference, like adding further details or omitting some to suit your style and stature. 

Men And Women Collections

Movie Jackets hold a wide variety of outerwear for both men and women, including leather jackets, hoodies, edgy biker jackets, and classy blazers and trench coats to enjoy in colder weather.  

They also have denim jackets and shirts available for men, expanding their collection and giving more options for you to buy from. 

So, Is Movie Jackets Legit?

Movie Jackets have evolved a great deal when it comes to online fashion and seems to have achieved its objective of changing e-commerce for the better. 

Due to their noteworthy quality, cooperative attitude towards their customers, and innovative market-building strategies, they have earned their rightful place among popular online fashion brands. 

You can buy your favorite celebrity jackets where you are not restricted to the design and style it is available, but also customize them for a more personal touch.

There is a huge variety for you to choose from, styles and designs that are exact replicas of your favorite movie outfits. 

However, you need to be careful while purchasing from the site since they have rather difficult return policies and don’t accept exchanges except for a different size. 

Other than that, Movie Jackets seems pretty legit for now. 

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