Is Mukha Yoga Good? Is It Ethical & Sustainable?

Mukha Yoga is a smaller activewear company operating the e-commerce site Mukha Yoga sells its products and services in the activewear industry.

So, if you are reading this article, it’s likely that you are wondering if Is Mukha Yoga Good? Is It Ethical & Sustainable?.This article answers these questions and more, so keep reading!

Is Mukha Yoga Good?

We think the advice from this brand’s founder is pretty sound: Do Yoga, Save the Planet.

Mukha Yoga is your one-stop shop for a variety of brands making sustainable yoga mats, clothing, and any Asana-adjacent.

If you want to find and compare mats from the likes of Hugger Mugger, Jade Yoga, Alo, and more, this female-founded yoga e-emporium is it.

Given the number of mats from a variety of brands you’ll find on Mukha Yoga, be prepared for an equal numbers of materials, too. 

But rest assured, Mukha only stocks mats made of eco-friendly materials, like natural rubber, cork, recycled plastic bottles, jute, and non-toxic foam—no PVC mats here.

For example, the only mat by Gaiam (who still largely uses PVC) they carry is their jute yoga mat.

Is Mukha Yoga Sustainable?

“Do Yoga, Save the Planet” is Mukha Yoga’s motto.

And they’re doing their part by offering mats, sustainable yoga props, and clothing from the best sustainable yoga clothing brands like Boody, prAna, Manduka, and more.

Their selection of affordable yoga clothes is vast, with tanks, bra tops, sustainable bike shorts, and yoga leggings. 

If loose-fitting sustainable yoga clothes are your preference, they also have sweated and slouch tees and tanks (for both men and women).

Is Mukha Yoga Ethical?


Common materials on Mukha’s website include closed-loop organic bamboo viscose, recycled nylon, recycled water bottles, organic cotton, Tencel, and modal.

Some garments appear to be primarily (if not entirely) made of virgin synthetic like polyamide and spandex, so check the specs for a full fabric percentage breakdown.

You’ll find non-toxic inks (especially in their stellar collection of printed leggings) and bluesign®-approved fabrics.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

Mukha Yoga handpicks all their vendors, or “partners” as they proudly call them.

Each product description will tell you a little bit about their manufacturing, whether it’s Fair Trade certified, USA-made sustainable yoga clothes, or other ethical practices.

Green business practices:

A large percentage of their partners are located on the West Coast, which minimizes transportation emissions.

Plastic-free packaging sponsored tree-planting campaigns, and joining prAna’s #ReshapePackaging movement are other ways Mukha is mindful of its impact.


XS-XL sizes are available for both men and women. 

However, because they are a retailer of other brands, there are limited quantities of styles. That means you may find a pair of leggings you love…only to find a few small sizes remaining.

To avoid that heartbreak, you can filter by size.

Community & charitable giving:

By providing their community with yoga tips, guided meditations, and healthy recipes (all for free), Mukha breaks down the sometimes hefty cost-entry barrier into healthy mindful living.

Inner peace and enlightenment should be accessible to everyone, which is they provide a huge range of free community resources, like guided meditation, yoga pose guides, and nourishing recipes.

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