Is Nike and Adidas the same size?

As seen below, when it comes to both brands’ running shoes, Nike trainers are actually 0.2″ bigger than Adidas trainers, thus making them a full 44 in EU sizing.

Nike vs Adidas – How Should They Fit?

Nike and Adidas are two of the biggest names in sports apparel, with both brands’ shoes being extremely popular for training, working out, and everyday wear.

That said, in order to determine which brand will be best and most comfortable for you, you need to first understand how your shoes should fit.

Generally speaking, Clarks recommends you leave about one finger’s width of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoes, with the natural bend falling around the balls of your feet.

This is something we’ve covered in more detail in our guide on how should basketball shoes fit; however, the premise remains the same when talking about other forms of footwear like these Nike Air Winflo 9 running shoes.

Size Guide

With how your shoes should fit established, it’s time to see how the two brands compare for size.

As seen below, when it comes to both brands’ running shoes, Nike trainers are actually 0.2″ bigger than Adidas trainers, thus making them a full 44 in EU sizing.

Is Nike and Adidas the same size?

As a result, it seems as though Nike shoes, particularly running trainers, fit true to size, while you may need to go half an EU size larger in Adidas sneakers.


That said, the length of your shoes is just one aspect to take into consideration when getting the right fit.

You also need to take into account the width of your shoes which, in the case of basketball shoes, for example, can be slightly wider than running trainers thanks to the slightly wider toe boxes.

As mentioned though, this is based on both brands’ running shoes, so sizes may vary for alternative sneaker models, with some of the best Air Force 1s, for instance, often regarded as slightly wider-fitting.

Make sure you check out our guide to measuring your shoe size right here to help you find the perfect fit.

Nike vs Adidas – Which Shoes Fit Wide Feet?

Being a little larger in size, it is widely regarded that Nike shoes offer a slightly better fit for wider feet; however, Adidas offers a selection of exclusively wide-fit footwear.

In said range, you’ll find a selection of golf shoes, football boots, cleats, running trainers, and even a pair of Terrex Sumra sandals.

Nike vs Adidas – Which Shoes Run Narrow?

Although we’ve established that Nike shoes may be a little more comfortable for wide feet, both brands still produce a number of shoes that you may find fit slightly narrower than most.

adidas Ultraboosts, for instance, are high-performance running shoes that are designed to fit snugly to keep them lightweight and ensure a secure fit. As mentioned in our guide to Nike and ASICS sizing, you may also find this to be the case with Flyknit Nike trainers as well.

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