Is NYC Jackets Legit? Is It a good brand?

I’m sure you’ve seen the ads. They’re everywhere! You can’t escape them, and they’re all offering some kind of deal: “50% off everything,” “buy one get one free,” and “free shipping.”

But what if it’s all just too good to be true? What if this store is just another scam, like so many others that have come before it?

So what is NYC Jackets? Is it a scam? And how can you tell if it’s legit or not?

Keep reading to find out!

Is NYC Jackets store legit?

NYC Jackets is a legit business. They are Bbb accredited (Better Business Boureu) and have been in business for several years.

They sell authentic designer jackets and other items at a fraction of the cost.

NYC jackets have a very comprehensive selection of designer clothing, including high end brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci style jackets.

There are also many other types of apparel and accessories available at this site, including shoes, handbags, jewelry and more.

The quality of products sold by NYCjackets is outstanding; all items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic or your money back!

The prices are very reasonable considering that you are getting authentic designer merchandise at these prices.

Some items even include free shipping within the US!

The customer service at this site is excellent as well; there are plenty of ways to contact them via email or telephone if you have any questions about an item or ordering process.

Is NYC jackets a good brand?

NYC jackets is a high quality brand. Their products are made with excellent materials and they have a great variety of styles to choose from.

They also have excellent customer service, so if you ever have any issues with your jacket or want to return it for any reason, you can contact them and they will be more than happy to help you out.

NYC jackets is one of the most popular brands of leather jackets on the market today.

The company was founded in 2009 by two brothers(not confirmed) who wanted to create a company that could provide high-quality leather jackets at an affordable price. 

They created their first collection of men’s motorcycle jackets, but now they offer not only motorcycle jackets but also casual wear like denim jackets and blazers as well as accessories like wallets, belts and hats.

The founders of NYC jackets wanted their customers to be able to buy quality products without having to spend a lot of money on them. 

So they decided that their prices would be affordable but still allow them to make a profit. While keeping quality up at its best possible level for each product sold by their company.

Is NYCjackets a sustainable brand?

NYC jackets is a small, but growing brand based in New York City.

NYC jackets have a big focus on sustainability and ethics, which is great to see.

They have a large selection of vegan leather jackets and other accessories, although some of their products are made with real leather.

They state on their website that they use vegan leather because it’s better for the environment, but this doesn’t mean that it’s cruelty-free or ethical.

In fact, many brands who use vegan leather still source from tanneries that use animal products.

They also state that they use recycled materials in some of their products, which is great! 

Unfortunately, there’s no information about where these materials come from or how much was actually recycled.

We do know that some from where the material comes from, which is not good if you’re trying to find something sustainable or ethical!

There’s no information on whether any of their products are made with sustainable materials or ethically sourced materials (such as organic cotton), so we can’t be sure whether they’re using sustainable materials or not.

Who owns NYCjackets?

The brand doesn’t have any information about who owns it online, which makes me suspicious. It’s not unusual to see this kind of thing with companies that are trying to hide who they are, but I don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

I couldn’t find any information about NYCjackets on facebook or LinkedIn, so there’s nothing official out there about who runs the show.

My experience with NYCjackets!

I’m a big fan of New York City jackets. I’ve ordered from them twice so far and have been very satisfied.

The first time I ordered from them was in 2014.

I ordered a jacket and it came within the time frame that was promised.

The quality was good for the price, but not great. 

However, it was hard to tell from the website photos since most of the photos were taken from the front or side angle where you can’t see the seams and stitching as well as you would like to be able to see before purchasing something online.

My second order was recent.

This time around, I ordered two leather jackets: a bomber jacket and another moto jacket. They both arrived earlier than expected and look even better in person than they did on their website!

As far as customer service goes, they’ve always responded quickly to my emails (usually within 24 hours) and have been very helpful whenever I’ve had questions about an order or anything else related to their products or business practices. 

They also offer free shipping on orders which is great!


New York Jackets is a company that sells jackets as well as other clothing items and accessories.

Founded in 2009, the company has been operating for a number of years.

Among the different categories that are available on the website, you will find a variety of types of jackets that can be chosen from.

Despite the low prices, there are so many options and products available to choose from, and there are several materials to choose from as well.

Moreover, you can find something that suits your needs by choosing from different colors that are available for you to pick from.

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