Is Teegify legit? Is It A Real Website?

Being an online retail website that came out in 2019, Teegify has been on rocky shores ever since it came into existence. 

From negative customer reviews to low ranking on Tranco, and next to no traffic on the domain further, create problems for the young brand that has only just set out on its journey in e-commerce.

Teegify is already facing a lot of problems where the customers are giving them a hard time in accepting their products. 

So, is the public being too hard on them? Or are they really just a scam?

Is Teegify A Real Website?

It was until a few days ago. Now, it’s just an empty domain and much of the information is either lost or can’t be reached. Your searches lead to empty results on the webpage and you can’t look into its analytics or origin provided as if they are actively trying to block your efforts to find out more about the website. It could be because the site is no longer active, however, precaution is always recommended.

Fishy Start

The domain was already fishy when it first started with the website hiding much of the information from the buyers. Plus, its young age doesn’t allow us to gather much information on the domain. 

Due to the short time, it has been on the world wide web, it is completely plausible for a young website to have a low ranking on Tranco. This gives you all the more reason to be careful when exploring the website.

No SSL Certificate Or WHOIS Identity 

The identity of the owner is also hidden on WHOIS, a strong indication of the website being a scam. The SSL certificate is also not provided, meaning none of the personal information you provide on the website will truly be safe, whether it’s for ordering or creating an account. 

Rule To Remember 

Our advice to you would be to do your own research before buying from the brand. The general thumb rule you should try to remember is that the younger the website, the greater the risk of buying from it. 

Most of these will take advantage of you before they are proven to be a scam. It also has a pretty low score on Scam Advisor, a website that scores websites according to their level of trust, so we would advise you to think twice before buying from the company.

Is Teegify Legit?

No, Teegify isn’t a legit brand they are clearly fake.

Is Teegify A Good Brand?

Teegify specialize in making customized tees for both men and women, where they have their own styles and graphics to offer as well as make them on special orders from the customers. 

They have a range of graphic tees sizing from extra large to extra small, and their versatile designs help their tees to be worn by people of all ages, from elderly folk to smaller kids. 

The company headquarters lie in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam, however, they do not operate in any hardware store, primarily functioning as an online retail site.

Range Of Prices

They have a range of prices to choose from making their products affordable by anyone and everyone. All steps of their production are completed with the help and cooperation of all ethical companies that have been certified for their environment-friendly ways as well as labor policies and treatment.

 However, there is no mention of these companies nor any of the steps of these production processes that certify this claim.

Vintage Inspired Tees

Teegify claims their t-shirt collections to be of designer quality and standard, where the company does not compromise on its quality and their designs are hundred percent unique. 

The graphics on the t-shirts are usually inspired by the nineties where the trend originated from, owing to the hip hop stars of that decade. 

Their laid-back style is still celebrated by their followers today in the form of these vintage-inspired tees that never truly got out of style. Teegify incorporates bold graphics and designs with pop of color for you to make a statement each day and every day.


Their mission was originally to make global printing available to common people or civilians giving them a chance to channel their creativity. This customizable option was what really drew in customers to the online company, where they assisted their ideas and preferred design through their supply chain and product development.

Reviews On Teegify 

The majority of the reviews both professional and buy customers claim that the website is nothing but a scam where it doesn’t even exist anymore, leading to a blind domain. They hold no evidence or track record of the companies they worked with in order to get their product, offering no transparency to their customer. 

Delivery And Returns 

Their services including delivery and quality also seemed to lag way behind and take twice as long to deliver as the time period they initially promise. The packages weren’t in favorable conditions to where they were soiled with water and damaged leading to anger amongst buyers. 

Their return policies are also claimed to be a scam where they only offer a portion of the payment to be refunded back to the customers, no matter how damaged the package is. 

Sizing Issues And Unauthentic Products 

Most of their products are not true to size, and the fact they do not offer exchanges further adds to the annoyance of customers. 

Designer products are available on their websites which they claim to be authentic with lowered prices. However, many customers are not at all satisfied with the quality of the order they have received most of them complain their product is fake.

Their customer service also seems to be quite inefficient where they take pretty long to respond to phone calls and leaving a message on their website or email is like sending a message into the void. 


We would recommend staying a mile away from the website since they’ve got nothing to offer on their website anymore and contacting them is absolutely futile. 

There are a lot of red flags that you can easily point out and wouldn’t take a genius to decipher that the company is a scam. 

You can, however, do your own research regarding the company but the result won’t lie too far from the evidence that is provided above. 

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