Is Teeshirt21 actually legit? 

Teeshirt 21 is a retailer which allows users to customize their products, like t-shirts, on their website. They have a huge variety of creative merchandise and personalized gifts. 

If you’re a new merchandise start-up, then I am pretty sure that you spent a good amount of time looking for retailers that are actually legit. 

New brands and stores open up almost every single day, but whether they are legit or not always remains in question.

People are very fearful of getting scammed. 

This is even more true with cases where they’ve had to buy products in bulk.

Imagine paying a hefty amount and never receiving your order because the site you ordered from was fake. 

The sheer disappointment and anger are unimaginable! Therefore, being skeptical might just save you from wasting your money or getting scammed. 

You should always do your research beforehand so that you know what you’re getting.

Plus, it is your right as a customer to know what stores and brands are up to. 

Some brands seem too good to be true, which makes us even more hesitant to buy from them. One such case is with the retailer, Teeshirt21. 

If you’re curious to know whether this retailer is legit or not, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll be discussing all details regarding Teeshirt 21. 

So let’s dive right in!

About Teeshirt 21 

Teeshirt 21 is a place filled with several creative ideas designed by freelancers from all around the world. 

In this store, customers will be able to find merchandise of excellent quality as well as creative gifts for their loved ones.

The numerous designs available on this website are created by artists who then get the opportunity to earn by selling them to customers buying merchandise. 

Teeshirt 21 wants to become a one-stop shop for everyone looking to express themselves in their own unique way but are restricted by what’s available in the market. They’re here to solve all your problems and fulfill your desires!

Teeshirt 21 is proud to have a diverse community from all over the world, which allows them to create diversity in their products as well. 

People who visit their website come from different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and even lifestyles. This is reflected in the t-shirts and other products that they offer. 

Teeshirt 21 wants to gather all points of view and unique ideas from every part of the world and manifest it into their t-shirts. 

They have continuously worked towards this and now have a huge source of t-shirt ideas that people have never seen before. 

Moreover, they guarantee that you’ll definitely find something new and amazing as new designs are being uploaded on their website almost every hour. 

Teeshirt 21 believes in expressing oneself through customizing its products and even personalizing gifts for the people you love. 

Every design available on their website is custom-made and they even claim to use the best quality materials to provide customers with the utmost satisfaction. 

If anyone has any queries regarding this company, then they’re most welcome to reach out to them via email or phone. Teeshirt 21 representatives will be happy to help out. 

Is TeeShirt 21 actually legit? 

By the initial look over their website, Teeshirt 21 seems to be a pretty legit store. But one can’t judge just by the looks of it because looks are known to be deceiving!

Therefore, I conducted in-depth research on Teeshirt 21 to find out whether this brand is actually legit or not. 

Although the website seems legit, there are a few things that point toward it being a scam. For instance, there’s no mention of when this retailer was established and the owner of this website is also hiding their identity using a service. 

This is just suspicious as why would someone running a successful business want to hide their identity? However, according to Scam Advisor, their website is regarded as very old. 

Moreover, Scam Advisor, a trusted review site, gave this retailer a trust score of 65 out of 100. 

This means that although the Teeshirt 21 website is safe to use, it could still possibly be a scam. 

Apart from this, I also read reviews to gain more insight into the brand and the user’s experience with it. 

On Trustpilot, the company Teeshirt 21 has an excellent rating of 47 percent, whereas, a bad rating of 34 percent. 

The difference between the two ratings isn’t a lot, which is why we can assume that the positive to negative review ratio is nearly equal. This makes it difficult to assess whether the store is a legitimate one or not. 

However, many customers have shown their appreciation for fast delivery and receiving what they actually ordered. 

Customers claim that the material was soft and comfortable and even the print was clear and didn’t wash out. They loved their products from Teeshirt 21. 

On the other hand, the negative reviews and complaints are mostly regarding their customer service. 

Disappointed customers have described the company as “dishonest” and having “horrible” customer service. 

A customer complained about not receiving the right order and when she complained, they didn’t resolve the issue and stopped responding to the emails. 

Others have also complained that the prints on the t-shirts didn’t last for long. The design of the t-shirt wore off really quickly. 

Additionally, one customer didn’t receive any confirmation or shipping information. However, they did receive the shirt.

 By not providing the details, the customer assumed the company was a scam. 


In conclusion, it is very unclear whether Teeshirt 21 is a legit company or not. However, even if it was a legit store, I’d suggest that one should avoid buying from it. 

There are a number of reasons why I say this. Firstly, even though the company has a few positive reviews, it also has an equal number of negative reviews. 

The positive ones only talk about fast shipping and good material. Whereas, the negative ones show the reality of their customer service department. 

Mostly all those who were disappointed complained about never receiving what they ordered and also not receiving a response from the company itself. 

Therefore, although Teeshirt 21 might be legit, it isn’t a store that is worth risking your money. You can find better and less shadier alternatives in the market!

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