JAXXON vs CRAFTD London: What is the Difference?

Jewels are a definitive way to elevate the style and add spice to a complete look. Men’s jewelry lines are known for their minimal and chic approach to men’s fashion.


Jaxxon claims to use a material that makes them stand out from its competitors.

Jaxxon uses the best type of matter such as Silver Sterling and 14k Solid Gold which are the two best metals because they don’t tarnish or break easily.

These similar materials are used by GLD as well.

Jaxxon is devoted to producing high-quality products at affordable prices. The quark that makes Jaxxon stand out is their high quality.

The brand uses alloys to ensure that its products have a longer lifeline in terms of durability.

Jaxxon has affordable prices and high-quality products that keep them on top of the jewelry game.

Their price ranges circulate around $100 and above however, GLD has cheaper rates.

On the contrary, GLD claims to make premium quality products.

Their chains and pendants make use of 14k and 18k gold which ensures tarnish-free and durable products.

JAXXON vs CRAFTD London: What is the Difference?


CRAFTD is known for making some of the best men’s jewelry and bringing it directly to the customer at great prices. While they perfectly only offer a handful of Cuban Link chains, each one is perfectly balanced in its design and unmatched in terms of quality.

With CRAFTD, you have all the bases covered for Cuban Links. Choose between silver and 18k gold, then decide how proud and generous your esteemed bracelet or necklace is. If you can’t decide on a dependency, you can get a Cuban starter kit that includes both pieces at a better price.

Another standout feature is the characteristic box-fenced grip that complements the adiposity and style of the outhouse itself. This fencing completes the hovel look and offers an intuitive awardee experience.

These pieces are true classics in the Cuban Link style, and with exceptional prices, it’s clear why CRAFTED is our #1 pick.

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