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Delivery and shipping are critical factors for an online business. Customers often become agitated by delayed deliveries that create problems for the brand and pose a terrible impression on the consumers.

As we know, all good replicas are made in China. Depending on every country that has different customs regulations, sending replicas from China worldwide is a challengeable work. Here will we know about how KickWho ships its products to the world, and what are the conditions for returns and refunds?


KickWho delivers articles all around the world, offering no definite delivery time.

The e-retailer gives an estimated time of 3-4 weeks of shipping, also providing a warning in times of Covid-19 that shipment may be delayed.

Articles are delivered using different shipping services such as EMS, DHL, UPS, ARAMEX, FEDEX, SF EXPRESS, and other shipping methods for most regions to ensure delivery.

Pre-request things are transported upon the appearance of the items in the distribution center.

On the off chance that the pre-requested item delays in shipment, clients can trade the pre-ordered things for items of equal worth or slightly higher ratio, even so the clients can opt for discounts.

Make sure to indicate a valid phone number in the shipping address so that if you are not at home at the time of delivery, you can make a new appointment in agreement with the courier.

Differences Between Normal and Express Shipping in KickWho

KickWho store is not responsible for any accidents, losses, or steals if you choose slow shipping.
On the contrary, if your express shipment encounters any problems, they will always be able to recharge the entire product at their expense.

Triangular Shipping via Transit Areas

Some countries have very strict customs policies, such as some EU countries and South American countries. China is known for replica goods that sometimes cause a package coming from China to be opened and possibly confiscated. But now we have 3 area agents for supporting the triangular shipping.

  • Hong Kong
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

There are two points that you need to know when you choose the triangular shipping:

Shipping fee will be normally $20 higher than the regular shipping directly from China. It will take more time to arrive you than the regular shipping directly from China.

But if you don’t have any experiences on sending replica to your country, we strongly advise you choose this method to make your order delivered safely.


If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it to us for a refund within 14 days of receiving the product.

The return policy will not apply if you have already worn the product. Therefore, please keep the status of the product exactly the same as the one received.

If you want to return the product contact and it will provide you with the return address and instructions.

Return the product to the address we have provided to you and then provide KickWho with the tracking number.

Do not use major shipping companies such as DHL, EMS, or FedEx. Use the regular registered mail service to avoid entry problems.

The cost of return shipping is entirely your responsibility.

You should always bear in mind that returning a product to China is not easy and it may happen that the Chinese customs will not accept your return and will return the product to you.

In this case, it could happen that you will have to ship twice and wait a long time.

So before buying, please carefully choose the product and size, in order to avoid the possibility of having to return it.

In any case, KickWho will not be able to provide you with a refund if it has not first obtained the purchased product back.

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