Man Builds Scaffolding Around Car That Blocked His Gate to Teach Driver a Lesson

Parking is a fraught issue, no matter where you live—it seems that drivers can always been counted on to swipe parking spaces, overshoot their property, or block access to yours. One British man had a creative way to teach an interloping driver a lesson after they parked outside the entrance to his warehouse.

Colin Shaw was so fed up with drivers ignoring the no-parking signs outside his scaffolding business that he took a dramatic step last week: He built a scaffold around the offending car. Read on to find out more, including what led Shaw to make the wild move and what happened once the driver returned and found his car completely enclosed.

“No Parking” Signs Ignored


“It’s not the first time it’s happened to my allotment where I store my materials, we have ‘no parking’ signs but people won’t adhere to them,” Shaw told Metro UK. “I went to get some materials from there to do a job, and I couldn’t get in properly to get my equipment out due to somebody parking their car there, even though it was all signposted.”

He added: “I need to be in there 24 hours a day, so to teach them a lesson, I put scaffolding up around his car so he couldn’t move it. He could have cost me a day’s wage and my two men. We had work to do and it slowed us up a bit.”

Onlookers Amused


“People in the street were coming out watching and laughing,” said Shaw. “The woman next door couldn’t believe what we were doing, she was laughing along.” Shaw compared what he did to wheel-clamping and told Metro he wanted the owner of the car to understand his frustration.

“It All Ended Okay”


When the driver returned to his car, he was not amused, said Shaw. But the pair were able to talk and ultimately laughed it off. “It all ended okay,” he said. “We’re all quite happy.”

Online Commenters Largely Supported the Business Owner’s Action


“It’s not funny if it’s costing him money,” one commenter said. “The car owner is either deficient in the brain department or their eyesight.” “Good on him,” said another. “He should have left it like that for a couple of days.”

“A Less Friendly Incident of “Parking Lot Rage”


That incident proceeded much more happily than a dispute between neighbors that authorities called “parking lot rage.” Last month, Gavin Glover, Cheshire, UK, was arrested for breaking the windows of a car that had been parked in a space assigned to Glover outside his apartment. The car belonged to a neighbor’s boyfriend. Glover had no car and hadn’t used the space in 12 years. “She already has her own space adjacent to mine,” Glover said. “I do not have my own car. Nevertheless, I see this as being impolite.”

“Kind of a Petty Thing”


“It was a kind of a petty thing that has escalated into something more serious as a result of the actions of myself for which I am thoroughly ashamed,” Glover said in court. He was ordered to pay the owner of the car $370 and received 12 months of probation. 

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