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PayPal has millions of users, and it does its best to protect them. One of the methods PayPal uses to protect its users is to collect everyone’s phone numbers for identity verification. However, many are unwilling to disclose their personal phone number.

Therefore, I looked into whether you can have a PayPal account without a phone number, so keep reading to see what I discovered!

Can You Use PayPal Without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, when creating a PayPal account, you have to provide a phone number in 2022. Adding your phone number is the first step to creating a PayPal account, and the website will not let you move on without one. Additionally, if you don’t have a phone number, you can buy a burner number or use a text/call app.

If you are interested in learning more about why PayPal needs your phone number, how to create a virtual number for PayPal, and more, then keep reading!

Can You Sign up for PayPal Without a Phone Number?

Unfortunately, you can’t use PayPal without a phone number. When you first create your account, the very first step is to add your phone number.

Furthermore, PayPal will not allow you to move past this step until you put some form of a number into your account.

This is because PayPal uses your phone number to verify that it has the correct person creating an account.

Thankfully, if you don’t have a phone number, there are a couple of options you have to still create a PayPal account. You can buy a burner phone or use a text/call app.

Furthermore, a burner phone is a prepaid cell phone, or phone number, that lasts for a limited amount of time.

Additionally, depending on the use of the phone, they usually only last a couple of weeks or months.

Therefore, text/call apps, such as TextNow, give you a free phone number that you can use to call and text with, and it usually requires wifi.

Additionally, using one of these services will allow you to give PayPal a number when signing up and confirming your identity.

However, depending on which option you choose, this number may not last very long.

You may have to change your number in the future if PayPal needs to verify anything, like for a purchase you made, or if PayPal needs to contact you about your account.

To add, edit, or remove your phone number, consult the following method:

  1. First, log in to your PayPal account
  2. Next, click on your profile photo
  3. Cick “Account info”
  4. Following, click “Phone numbers”
  5. This is where you can add, edit, or remove your number
    • If you want to add a number, click “Add a phone number”
    • If you want to edit or remove your number, click your phone number
  6. If adding a number, enter and confirm it
  7. To edit your number after you have clicked your phone number, click “Change,” make the edit and select “Update”
  8. To Remove a number after you have clicked your number, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Remove”
    • You will only see this option if you have two (2) numbers already added to your account

Additionally, if you’re adding, editing, or removing a number through, the steps are the same, but instead of clicking your profile photo, you need to go to “Settings”.

Why Does PayPal Need My Phone Number?

PayPal uses your phone number for security for your account. Furthermore, PayPal may also use your phone number to contact you with any issues or updates about your account.

Initially, PayPal uses your phone number to verify your identity when you create your account.

Once your account has been created, PayPal doesn’t use your number often.

Additionally, PayPal usually only uses your number for security reasons, such as verifying your identity when making a purchase.

As well, PayPal has a 2-factor authentication system that you can set up. You can choose to allow PayPal to use your phone number or an authenticator app. 

Furthermore, you can also use your phone number to do the following:

  • Check your PayPal balance
  • Send money
  • Request money, and
  • Cancel pending payment

Can You Use a Fake Phone Number for PayPal?

As previously mentioned, you can use a text/call app or a burner phone for your phone number if you do not already have one.

These numbers can be considered “fake,” because they are not from a phone service, such as Verizon, but they work the same as a regular phone number.

Furthermore, a burner phone is paid for the same as a number from any phone service. 


Unfortunately, you need a phone number to use PayPal. You cannot even create an account without entering a phone number. Luckily, if you don’t have a phone number, there are a couple of options to make a “fake” or virtual number.

You can use a text/call app such as TextNow, or buy a burner phone. Each will provide you with the ability to create a PayPal account and verify your identity. However, they may not last very long.

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