Is Swahilo Coast Eco Friendly & Ethical Sandal?

In the spirit of walking towards a greener future, we’ve been on an ethical and sustainable shoe kick lately.

So it seemed like the right time to dive into eco-friendly and ethical sandals.

Perfect for when sustainable flip-flops are a little too function-not-fashion for you. So let’s step into talking about one of the best Eco Friendly & Ethical Sandals.

About Swahili Coast

Whether it’s jewelry or sandals, Swahili Coast aims to preserve the beautiful beadwork traditions of Africa.

Their slim, minimalist designs range from ethical flip flops to strap-backs to toe wrap-arounds. Each one features a classic leather look with colorful beaded accents. 

Their mission is “to help connect the incredible artistry and talents of East African Artisans to global markets using principles of fairness, dignity, and respect”.

Swahili Coast’s Ethical and Sustainability Practices


These sandals are made from locally-sourced, naturally-tanned, free-range Tanzanian leather. This includes the upper and softer suede lining, finished with unique hand-beading designs. 

Between the hand-craftsmanship and practically unbreakable monofilament thread (think fishing line), they should last you many years.

Supply chain & labor practices: 

While the designs start at their studio in Wilmington, NC, the sandals are entirely handmade by artisans in East Africa. Through the Swahili Coast Cooperative, all the workers in small operations in Tanzania are paid fairly and work in safe, positive environments. 

They “operate on a model of radical transparency”, and the cooperative members even get to elect a board of directors, hire and fire management, and negotiate prices for their creations.

Community & charitable giving: 

Swahili Coast champions the empowerment of the female artisans of East Africa who don’t otherwise have cultural employment opportunities. They actually used their personal savings to start their 100% artisan partner owned cooperative in Tanzania.

Meaningful employment aside, they allow customers to directly tip these makers through their “Tip your Artisans” program.

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