Tractor Supply Commercial Account – Know Its Feature

Tractor Supply Company is the leading retailer of country lifestyle products in the United States. Tractor Supply Company (commonly known as TSC) was founded in 1938 as a mail order tractor parts company. It now owns and manages over 2,000 locations in 49 states, selling basic maintenance supplies to house, farm, pet, and animal owners. This article explains about ‘Tractor Supply Commercial Account’.

Tractor Supply Commercial Account

You must be an Approved Official and Managing Member of the firm group to open a commercial account with tractor supply. When opening an account, federal regulations compel us to collect, verify, and collect information for Responsible Shareholders of an organization’s client. Beneficial Owners are defined in this application as important persons who directly or indirectly hold 25% or more of the firm or are the agent of a trust that owns 25% or more of the company. If a Trust owns 25% or more, the agent’s details should be included as the owner.

Do you need a personal guarantor?

If you have a new or small firm, providing a guarantee may boost your chances of getting approved.

Terms and regulations of your account:

They gather and record information that identifies each person or organization that creates an account to assist the authorities in combating terrorism financing and money laundering operations. They may need your name, address, date of birth, business entity type, and other identifying information. They may also want to view other documents, such as a driver’s license or other identifying documents, and acquire information about you. Credit card offers are only for residents of the United States and its Territories, and this is not a credit card offer to anybody outside of the US.

Business Account Disclosures of the Tractor Supply Company:

Revolving TermsBalance due terms
Purchase Annual Percentage Rate (APR)22.16%N/A
APRs from other countriesAPR for cash advances is 26.16 percent, whereas the default APR is 28.99 percent.N/A
Payment of the balance due on purchases has a grace periodIf you pay the complete sum in full by the due date billing cycle, you’ll have at least 20 days. You will not be given a grace period if you do not comply.N/A
Method for calculating the purchase balanceThe daily average balances. New purchases are included in this.N/A
Finance fee at a minimum$2.00None

Fees charged on an annual basis
Other charges The price for a cash advance is 5% of the amount borrowed, with a $5 minimum.
Fee for late arrival:
On balances of up to $100, you’ll get a $10 bonus.
On balances of $100 to $1000, there is a $29 fee.
In amounts of $1000 or more, the fee is $39.

Cash isn’t available on every account. If your account includes a cash advance option, they will tell you individually.

What actions may you take to activate the default APR?

If any minimum payment is not made by the due date and is not made by the following due date, all of your purchase APRs may be raised to the default APR.

How will your money be applied?

They apply for your payments in a way that is most favorable or convenient for them. It might involve prioritizing low-APR accounts over higher-APR obligations.

Make changes to your card agreement’s rates, fees, and terms:

For whatever reason, They have the right to alter the rates, fees, and conditions of your card agreement at any time. These factors might be based on your credit record or market conditions in general. If the change will result in a rate or fee increase, you will be notified in advance and have the option to opt-out. They will terminate your account if you choose to opt out. The remaining sum can then be paid using the existing rates, fees, and conditions.

Offer Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion is only available to new customers. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. You can apply for a separate account if you are married. Credit card offers are only for residents of the United States and its Territories, and this is not a credit card offer to anybody outside of the United States or its Territories.
  • Federal legislation compels all financial institutions to gather, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens an account to assist the government in combating the funding of terrorism and money-laundering operations. The bank must need the legal name of the company, its street location, and its taxpayer identification number.
  • You permit them to share transactional and experience information about you and your account with the shop that issued the card and its affiliates.
  • You must fulfil Tractor Supply Company’s credit qualification standards to be approved for a business credit account. Your credit limit will be set by your yearly salary and pay, other annual income, and an examination of your debt, including debt shown on your credit report. When you receive your card, you will be advised of the amount of your credit limit.
  • Each transaction made using the card constitutes a loan from us to you for business or commercial reasons. If your credit application is granted, you may only use your account to purchase products and services for business or commercial reasons on behalf of the company. This account may not be used to buy products or services for personal, family, or home use.


In this article, you may find detailed information about the Tractor supply commercial account and the terms and conditions required to get a commercial account. 


Q) What is the minimum credit score for a Tractor Supply credit card?

ANS) A minimum credit score of 640 is required for the Tractor Supply Company Credit Card. That implies you’ll need good credit or better to qualify.

Q) Tractor Supply accepts credit cards from which bank?

ANS) Citi

Q) What is the procedure for checking the status of my Tractor Supply credit card?

ANS) Call (888) 201-4523 to verify the status of your Tractor Supply Credit Card application.

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