What Channel is Animal Planet on Spectrum?

If you go back a few years, you’ll see that the notion of broadcasting was not as popular as it is today. You’ve got streaming powerhouses like Netflix and Youtube, and now you’ve got creative sector giants like Hollywood studios joining the fray with Universal studios. Nevertheless, this does not imply that cable television has been abandoned totally. Let’s learn ‘What Channel is Animal Planet on Spectrum?’.

A Quick Introduction to Animal Planet

Rewind a few years in time, and you will see how the concept of streaming was not as prevalent as it is now. You had streaming giants like Netflix and Hulu and now entertainment industry behemoths like Disney to have joined the streaming service competition with Disney Plus. But that does not mean cable TV has been tossed aside entirely.

Cable providers like Charter Spectrum™ have remained motivated to sustain audiences by revolutionizing how cable TV has been long watched. Spectrum subscribers get to enjoy in-home cable TV entertainment with the ease and flexibility that is generally associated with a streaming service. On one hand, the Spectrum channel lineup brings you a mix of local and popular networks, keeping the charm of cable TV alive. And on the other, you get access to thousands of On Demand titles anytime on any device of your choice, on-the-go entertainment with 80 network apps, and a DVR service that lets you record your TV favorites for watching on your own timeline. Plus, you can squeeze more value for your money if you pair Spectrum cable TV with high-speed Spectrum Internet. And, if you need, even a digital home phone service is available for under $10 to bundle up with internet and TV.

All in all, Spectrum channel packages give you everything to keep everyone in the family happy. The great variety of networks Spectrum cable TV service carries brings you not only entertaining shows and movies but programming from many genres. So, if you are a wildlife lover excited to explore the depths of nature, and prefer to watch informative, intelligent, educational yet fun programs in your family time, Spectrum channel packages can do the trick. With one of the top five networks on popularity charts, Animal Planet will not leave you without interesting and credible entertainment.

Animal Planet – A Brief Overview

Owned by Discovery Inc., Animal Planet is an American multinational pay-TV network launched in 1996. Originally a joint venture with BBC Worldwide, the network focused on educational programming via nature documentaries. Since the time of its launch, Animal Planet has tended to cater to animal lovers among children and families during the daytime while the mature section of the audience has been looked after with primetime or late-night programs. The roots of the network’s content still go back to the time of its launch, however from 2008 onwards, Animal Planet’s depiction of the creatures of the wild became more true to their aggressive and predatory nature. While reality shows, which starred personalities involved with animals whether in terms of research or otherwise, also began to showcase on the network.

Over the years, Animal Planet has flourished in terms of viewership, based on the quality of the content it broadcasts and the appeal its programming holds for all age groups. In 2016 the network reached over 91 million American households via pay-TV subscription.

Animal Planet has a long list of sister channels owned by Discovery Inc., and the following top the list with intelligent and fun programming.

  • The Discovery Channel
  • Travel Channel
  • DIY Network
  • Discovery Life
  • Discovery Español
  • Discovery Familia
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Science Channel

What Channel Number is Animal Planet on Spectrum?

As curious as humans are, we tend to go about searching for content on technology, history, nature, and so much more. And, where else would we go for the best in the depiction of nature and the animal kingdom except the 5th most popular channel i.e. Animal Planet? From documentaries on nature and the animal-human interaction to the wonders of ocean life, Animal Planet has it all. And how does Charter Spectrum™ help?

Well, Spectrum TV  gives you access to the sought-after networks in all channel packages—SELECT, SILVER, and GOLD. You get essential local and popular networks—125 of them in the SELECT lineup. 175 among Spectrum SILVER channels. And, 200 alongside popular premium networks with the GOLD plan. Each Spectrum TV plan includes Animal Planet in the primary channel lineup by default.  

So, if you are not yet subscribed to Spectrum plans, or you have just landed a Spectrum TV subscription, you must know Animal Planet is part of each Spectrum channel package. And, once your service is activated, all you need is the channel number in your hometown before you can tune in to enjoy family evenings with Animal Planet on Spectrum TV.

To find out the channel number of Animal Planet, call 1-855-423-0918 or check Channel Lineup

Here is What You Can Watch on the Animal Planet Channel

From finding life under small pebbles to the majestic wonders of the animal kingdom, Animal Planet has everything covered. As we said earlier, the network’s programming primarily revolves around nature documentaries, reality programs, and a variety of series. Here are some original titles that you can watch, but remember Animal Planet is not limited to these programs alone.

Original Programming

  • Animal Cops
  • Animal Planet Heroes
  • Animal X
  • Beverly Hills Vet
  • Crikey! It’s the Irwins
  • The Crocodile Hunter
  • The End of the Wild
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Going Ape
  • The Haunted
  • I Was Bitten
  • Rogue Nature
  • Taking on Tyson
  • Unearthed


TV entertainment is a necessity for most of us nowadays—one convenient way to relax and unwind, on your own or with family. And Spectrum excels at providing just that. Offering channels like National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Discovery, Spectrum fulfills the need for educational and informative content which is also fun to watch. From your love for wildlife and nature to premium TV shows, everything is on the Spectrum Channel Lineup.

So, if you are looking to learn more about Spectrum TV plans or Spectrum Bundles contact Spectrum Customer Service at 1-855-423-0918. Spectrum professionals can help you choose the right package for your unique set of needs, and guide your subscription process.

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