What Channel is INSP on Dish?

Watching TV is a favorite part of the everyday life of an individual. It fresh and reenergize the mood to hustle more. If you are a dish network subscriber and looking for a channel that has something for everyone and can be enjoyed with family. Then this article is the answer to your search. What Channel is INSP on Dish?

What channel is INSP on Dish?

INSP channel formerly known as Inspirational Networks features mostly western-based series and movies. They also broadcast religious programs in the early mornings. INSP channel was founded in 1978 and was used as a religious television network to spread teaching and belief in the name PTL television network. According to the data, more than 62.3 million households consume the INSP channel across the nation.

Dish network operated as EchoStar for 42 years and was renamed in 1996. Dish network is among the most growing networks in the United States. It provides service to approximately 19 million customers. Apart from cable network service, they provide wireless services through Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile, and other brands.

If you are looking for a wholesome channel that has great content for every individual in the family, you can turn on channel number 259 to enjoy the INSP channel on the Dish network. INSP channel has shows and series for every member of the family.

1. Top Shows Available on INSP

INSP channel features family-friendly content for every age. Some of the shows and movies currently available on the INSP channel are listed below:

2. The Virginian

The show is featured on weekdays and weekends at noon as per Eastern Time Zone. The classic action-pack show is about a man of mystery Virginian and his adventures as the foreman of the Shiloh Ranch. 

3. Mountain Men

Show Mountain Men broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 8 PM ET on the INSP channel. The show share story about Eustace Conway, Tom Oar, Maty Meierotto, and Rich Lewis and their struggle for survival in life. They all chose to live independently and freely, to live low-key like our ancestors. 

4. The Big Valley

The show aired on INSP Channel on weekdays at 9 AM and Saturdays at 1 PM ET. Emmy’s award-winning The Big Valley is about the Barkley family, where a mother chooses to challenge the set norms of society. The show is about how a family fought the battle of life after losing the head of the family.

5. The Waltons

The Waltons broadcast on the INSP channel on weekdays at 4 PM ET. The storyline is about a struggling family during the time of world war. The show features the story of the Walton family who is struggling to spend decent life during the great depression and World War 2. The family has John and Olivia, their seven children, and John’s elderly parents. With each episode story move forward and shows that children grow up as talented ones in their fields.

6. The Young Riders

The show Young Rider is broadcast on the INSP channel, on Saturdays at 4 PM and 5 PM ET. The show is full of adventure, actions, and romance. And the show is about six orphan teenagers, with no parents and few friends. Among six, three teenagers grew up as legends in western history.

INSP channel offers family-friendly content to consumers. They have a list of good shows and movies for the users to enjoy with their families. They broadcast shows and series for subscribers of every age.

Does INSP available on DirecTV?

You can enjoy INSP on DirecTV with the subscription on channel number 364. Channel numbers may vary on location. For confirmation, you can visit their website for details.

Can I enjoy the INSP channel without cable?

If you want to enjoy the INSP channel without cable, you can enjoy streaming services on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Fire TV for $35 or less than that per month.

What are the western channels on Dish network?

Dish has a good number of western channels available on the network. They have INSP, Grit, Me-TV, and a lot more western channel on their channel list.

Is Grit available on Dish?

Yes, you can enjoy the Grit tv channel on Dish network on channel number 217. Grit channel may be available on different channel numbers in your location. You can contact your cable operator or visit the website to know you better.


INSP is a good choice for those who enjoy exclusive and original series, western action-filled dramas, and adventurous thriller films. It is the fastest-growing network based on religious content. If you have a subscription to the dish network, you can enjoy the family-oriented channel INSP on channel number 259. The channel has diverse programs from more than 70 ministries and content for every age group.

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