What is the promo code for free pizza at Papa John’s?

Papa John’s is an international pizza restaurant chain based in America. It is one of the largest pizza delivery chains in the country. Papa John’s headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. Let us know Papa John’s Promo Code.

Papa John’s launches a number of promo codes that can be used for a limited amount of time. Some of these are

  • PAPAREWARD- To get a free pizza
  • 25SAVE- To get 25 percent off when placing an order at Papa John’s. 
  • 1510az4- To get an extra 50 percent off an order placed at
  • BOYS BOYS- To get free chicken strips or wings with regularly priced items. 
  • PACK2199- For finding promos for pizza delivery at 

Operations at Papa John’s

Papa John’s primarily offers carryout and delivery services but some of the restaurants have facilities for dining. There are currently over 5000 Papa John’s establishments around the globe. 


By 2015, there were 300 Papa John’s restaurants in the UK. The company is also operative throughout Ireland with more than 50 locations and mobile units. Spain is also an important European market for the company due to its wide popularity in Madrid. In recent years, Papa John’s has also tried to expand into countries like Germany and Netherlands. 

Latin America

Papa John’s is quite a popular establishment in Latin America. There are stores in 13 Latin American countries, including Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.


Asian countries have not been avenues of great business for Papa John’s. After trying to operate in countries like India and China, the company shut down its operations due to a lack of business and competition. 

Papa John’s is also involved in a number of sponsorships. 

  • In 2006, Six Flags handed their Parks’ pizza to Papa John’s exclusively. Papa John’s offered annual sponsorship and promotional opportunities to Six Flags. 
  • The pizzas at Olympic Speed skating Oval in Alberta, Canada, are officially supplied by Papa John’s. 
  • Bowl was the company’s joint endeavor with ESPN. It was a college post-season football game held in Birmingham, Alabama. 
  • In 2011, the official pizza sponsorship of the National Football League in the UK, Canada, and Mexico, was handed to Papa John’s. 

Value Propositions

Papa John’s provides value to its customers in a number of ways

Recognition and Reputation

Papa John’s is one of the largest and most popular pizza chains in the United States. Their reputation is established for the exceptional quality of their products. Papa John’s has created a recognizable international brand image for itself over the years. 

Global Reach

Papa John’s is present all across the US, with retail stores in all 50 states. It is also operational in more than 40 countries around the globe. 

Convenience and accessibility

Along with operating a network of retail outlets, customers can also place their orders online. They can schedule deliveries by using the website, mobile app, or by SMS. This ensures that their services and products are accessible to as many of their customers as possible and are convenient for them to receive. 

Quality and Variety

Providing good quality products to their customers is a priority at Papa John’s. They implement quality control processes to ensure that a standard of service is maintained throughout their network of outlets.

Customer Relationships

Papa John’s establishes lasting relationships with their customers and encourages recurring business through the quality and efficiency of their services. They also focus on providing high-quality customer service via their in-store sales personnel, who respond directly to the queries from the customers. Papa John’s also has a rewards and benefits membership scheme, because of which regular customers can earn discounts and deals. Papa John’s has a dedicated customer support team that can be contacted online or on call. The support team handles the complaints and feedback about the quality of the products and services offered at Papa John’s. 

Additional information about its services, operating locations, and structure are available to customers through the website. It can be accessed at any time. Papa John’s additionally communicates with its customers through their various social media accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Cost structure and income

The income at Papa John’s is based on the operation of its outlets. This includes-

  • Utility and occupancy fee
  • Ingredients and equipment
  • management of partnerships
  • maintenance and development of the IT and communications infrastructure, this includes the website and mobile app
  • Salaries and benefits of their staff. 


Papa John’s is an international name in providing quality pizza and products through all their outlets. They believe in quality and customer satisfaction. 

Does Shaquille O’ Neal own Papa John’s?

Shaquille O’ Neal owns the equivalent of 89,000 shares in Papa John’s. 

Is there a Shaq special pizza at Papa John’s?

Papa John’s launched the Shaq-a-Roni pizza in honor of NBA’s Shaquille O’ Neal.  

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