Where Are Pinko Bags Made? – Are Pinko Bags Made In Italy?

When it comes to high-quality items like bags knowing the country a bag was produced can indicate quality and class. Countries like Italy are rated among the top ten best-producing countries that manufacture authentic goods globally. It is from this country that a female-wear brand like Pinko has emerged. With retail outlets in several countries, the US and the UK included, Pinko keeps garnering customers among young and old females alike. If you want to purchase a bag from the Pinko brand but are concerned about where the bags come from, read on to discover all you need to know about the Pinko brand.

Pinko bags are mainly from Italy. According to the company, everything Pinko: clothes, bags, and several other female accessories, are designed in Italy and some countries in the Mediterranean region. Also, a few Pinko products are from China.

Are Pinko Bags Made In Italy?

From clutch purses to cross-body bags, backpacks, shopping totes, and over-the-shoulders bags, Pinko keeps coming up with many designs of the Love bag to suit the different tastes of its several customers and ensure they keep coming back.

According to the company, all Pinko bags are made from either high-quality genuine calfskin or Napa leather and produced in Italy. 

Hence, Pinko shoppers can be certain their bags are made in good labor conditions and from the best available materials. All Pinko bags, despite shape, design, color, or size, always have the same recognizable Pinko buckle; two love birds in a flight.

How to Identify an Authentic Pinko Love Bag?

As is common with famous and successful brands, many fake Pinko bags are circulating the market today. 

Apart from the many ways shoppers can ensure they never purchase a fake Love bag, Pinko has taken an extra step to guarantee its customers an enjoyable experience with an original Pinko Love Bag.

Collaborating with Certilogo, a global top authentication platform, the Pinko Company has created a way for its customers to confirm the authenticity of a Pinko bag at the point of purchase.

To successfully authenticate their Pinko Love bag, customers need to scan the unique QR codes attached to each Pinko love bag using the Certilogo authenticator app or by entering the code onto the Certilogo website. 

This authentication app is free for download on iOS or Android.

Is Pinko A Luxury Brand?

Founded in Italy and made from high-quality original calfskin or Napa leather, Pinko is an Italian luxury brand.

Its prices, which are generally within the three-figure range, are typically considered not too high or too low but at an attainable price point for the modern independent woman earning an average salary. This affordable price allows her to own a beautiful bag made from superior material without emptying her account to purchase it.   

Compared to high-end brands like Channel, Gucci, Balenciaga, Burberry, etc., Pinko branded items may not be as expensive or in the same luxury class. However, as a brand in the entry to luxury category, Pinko proves that luxury does not have to be costly.

Pinko’s Story

Founded in the 1980s, Pietro Negra and his wife, Cristina Rubini, formed the Pinko brand to meet the wardrobe needs of the independent contemporary woman who desires to assert her feminity and express herself confidently by her looks.

Speaking on the formation of Pinko, Pietro Negra stated in an interview with Drapers that when he and his wife founded Pinko, quality and trendy products were available to only people who could afford high-end brands. Foreseeing the rise of fast fashion, an era that would make clothes available at a quick rate and sold for cheap, Pietro and his wife Cristine began the Pinko brand to create quality clothing pieces that defied the norm.

Today, the once family-run brand has become one of the top Italian brands, with over 1500 wholesale outlets scattered across many parts of the world. The brand has amassed several customers globally because of its high-quality items sold at affordable prices.

Commenting on the type of woman Pinko seeks to attract as a brand, Caterina Negra, a creative director at Pinko and one of the daughters of Pinko founders, stated in an interview with Drapers that the ideal Pinko woman is informed, curious and independent. She is strong, bold, and intelligent with a sensual, sexy side.

The Pinko Love bag is also known as the Swallow bag in China due to its unique buckle representing the brand’s signature Love bag, created in 2016. 

The Love bag is a statement of the brand’s love for all things distinctive and beautiful. Its signature buckle, also called the love bird monogram, is two birds meeting to close a circle.

Over the years, the Love bag has been redesigned countless times by many creative designers to take on various shapes, colors, embroidery patterns, and more. However, the signature love bird buckle is ever unchanging.


By making most of its products in Italy, a country renowned for producing genuine goods, Pinko assures customers that all its products are authentic. With a drive for delivering on high quality while maintaining an attainable price point, the Italian women-wear brand gives the average contemporary woman the opportunity to own classy bags and wear quality, trendy clothes and accessories without spending a fortune to purchase them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is Pinko Headquarters?

Pinko HQ is in Fidenza, Italy.

  1. Does Pinko offer discounts?

Yes, they do. However, it is not very often.

  1. Does Pinko accept returns?

Yes, but the return must be processed within 14 days of purchase and the goods returned in their original condition.

  1. Does Pinko give refunds?

Yes. To get your money back, you need to process the request for the return of the item alongside the refund within 14 days of purchase.

  1. Does Pinko deliver to all countries?

No, Pinko does not make deliveries to all countries.

  1. Can I contact Pinko for complaints?

Yes. Customers can access Pinko via its customer service.

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