Where Is AiryDress Located? 

AiryDress is a Chinese e-commerce brand that mainly focuses on selling fashion products. 

AiryDress is gaining popularity and claims to sell quality products on the internet. However, some reviews on review sites tell a different tale.

Some reviews show good quality of the products of AiryDress, while some reviews prove why you shouldn’t buy any fashion product from Airy Clothing.

In this article, we have described whether AiryDress is a reliable and legitimate website or not. 

We have also touched on the topic of its sourcing as we have described the origins of AiryDress, where does it come from?

Some customers ordered from AiryDress and got the dresses with the tag of Floryday, which is also a Chinese fashion company. So are AiryDress and Floryday similar companies?

To sum it up, we have described whether AiryDress is legit or not. To find all the queries you might have about the legitimacy of the origin of AiryDress, keep on reading!

Where Is AiryDress Located? 

AiryDress is located in Hong Kong, China.

The company has provided the address of an area that is Hong Kong. Other than that, AirDress also has warehouses in countries like the US, UK, and Australia.

About AiryDress

Before moving towards the reliability of AiryDress, let’s try to understand what AiryDress or Airy Cloth is.

AiryDress is a Chinese e-commerce company. AiryDress sells online through its website. They also have an app called ‘Airy’ which has more than five million downloads on Google Play Store.

As the name suggests, AiryDress is a fashion brand and mainly sells clothing items and shoes for women.

AiryDress has thousands of clothing items and shoes on its website. They continuously update their inventory.

Airy Cloth has more than 10,000 fashion products on its website and continuously adds more than 350 fashion products to its website.

The price point of the fashion products on AiryDress is extremely low. From this large variety to choose from, customers can easily get their required items at extremely cheap prices.

Other than the cheap prices, they always have a huge sale on some of their clothing items.

This shows that it’s a fast-paced or Fast Fashion brand style=”font-weight: 400;”> and focuses more on trendy and cheap fashion products.

The products of AiryDress include clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, cotton dresses, sweaters, swimwear, casual dresses, coats, floral dresses, bottoms, blouses, etc.

Other than clothing items, AiryDress has shoes such as sandals, pumps, boots, sneakers, and wedges.

AiryDress is also known as Airy Cloth. Both of the names confuse people and they think that these are different brands. However, both of these are similar brands. 

The only difference between AiryDress and Airy Cloth is the URL of their websites. Other than the URL, both websites have the same format and the same products.

The website of AiryDress is very convenient if you merely want to purchase something. However, they have not provided any information about their customer services. 

They have not mentioned anything about their return policy. Many customers have complained about it on the review sites. However, AiryDress still hasn’t sorted out this problem.

AiryDress has also not mentioned anything about their suppliers or their policies about the environment. So we aren’t even sure about its ethics.

The company has mixed reviews on different sites. Some people like the exact product they ordered, while some people consider AiryDress a scam.

Is AiryDress A Reliable Website? 

AiryDress stands in the gray line when it comes to reliability as the reviews of the customers are mixed. Some consider it a scam while some are satisfied with AiryDress.

AiryDress has mixed reviews on different review sites. On Sitejabber, the rating of AiryDress is 3.8, 2.2 on, and 4.2 on Trustpilot.

On these sites, customers have given mixed reviews. Some customers are extremely happy with the quality of the products of AiryDress and customer service. 

One customer has a review on Trustpilot and wrote that;

“I love Airydress! Great prices, wonderful quality, true to size, and amazing customer service!”

Another customer wrote gave a 5-star rating on Sitejabber;

“I love their quick turnaround, their clothes are comfortable and trendy. Can’t wait to shop again and would recommend this online store to my friends and family.”

There are a lot of other positive reviews, but most of the customers are disappointed by the brand.

Customers have complained about the quality of the product. Some didn’t get the items they ordered. So when these customers try to return it, there’s no response from the company.

A frustrated customer on Sitejabber said that;

“This company doctors their photos, none of the dresses I purchased looked as good as the pictures, the material was cheap, and the clothes didn’t fit at all properly”

Mostly, customers complained about their customer service, which in their opinion, is non-existent. People complained about their return policy which was not clear.

Another customer ranted about the inefficient customer service of AiryDress;

“They indicate in their email that they will answer within 24 hours. Been over 48 and still nothing. Just want to return what doesn’t fit.

Won’t order there again.”

These customer reviews give a really bad impression of the company and don’t make it seem reliable at all.

Other than the reviews, Airy Clothing has not mentioned anything about its return policy or customer services on its website or app. 

Is AiryDress From China?

Yes, AiryDress is from Hong Kong, China.

On their website, the address of Hong Kong is given. The company has its original address in Hong Kong but also has warehouses in the UK, USA, and Australia.

Is Airy The Same As Floryday? 

Yes, AiryDress is the same as Floryday.

Floryday and AiryDress have similar products. If you take screenshots of any product from AirDress and search for a similar dress using Google Lens, you’ll easily find that Floryday also has similar products.

The apps of both AiryDress and Floryday are uploaded by the same developer in the Play Store. Other than that, both websites have similar formats.

Is AiryDress Legit?

To sum it all up, AiryDress stands in the gray line and is not a completely legit company.

As the reviews suggest, the customer service of AiryDress is really poor and the quality of the products is not the best.

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