Why is Festool So Expensive?

Festool is one of the few major power tool manufacturers that does not outsource production to Asia. Festool used to manufacture all of its tools in Europe. Festool’s first manufacturing facility in the United States opened in 2017. One of the main reasons Festool has evolved & maintained an ultra-premium brand is that its tools are manufactured in nearby countries for craftsmanship & high-quality products. Let’s learn ‘Why is Festool So Expensive?’.

Yes, Festool is pricey, but it also has products that are difficult to improve upon. We’ve reached the limit of how well power tools can be built here. Several reasons such as reputation, design, superior quality, and warranty lead to a rise in Festool costs.

Why is Festool so Expensive?

Festool is not cheap but you get what you pay for. They are expensive because of their unique design and advanced technology so if you have the budget then it’s worth the money.

It’s not just that you must buy them because they’re expensive. There could be many reasons for this, but here are a few of the most important and convincing ones:

1. Reputation

Festool has a strong reputation both in residential and industrial markets. Their products can be found in high-end buildings where people only trust the best.

2. Superior Quality

There are several current tools available in the market that would provide almost identical features to Festool, so why are they not more popular? The reason for this is quality, both in terms of performance and durability.

3. Design

While some may consider design to be foolish or useless, it is among the most significant reasons Festool has to lead to an improvement. Of sure, this design isn’t just about looks; it’s also about functionality.

4. Innovation

To make its tools stronger than others on the market, the company employs innovative techniques and strategies. They don’t make machines to make more money; they make them perfect.

5. Warranty

Festool provides an extended warranty on their tools, which is quite uncommon in the market. The lifetime guarantee would be enough to persuade any buyer of the product’s quality and durability.

6. Training & Support

It allows you to learn new things and skills, and gain knowledge about your job. You can also touch them at any time for assistance with any problem, speak with experts, & learn new things regarding your tool.

Who should use Festool Tools?

Festool products are designed for professionals, particularly those who seek to work in their work. If you are a tradesman, builder, or carpenter, Festool is the best choice for you. These tools are not just for professionals; if you have a large session, business, or factory that requires a variety of tools, you should consider purchasing them. Festool has a wide range of products for a variety of purposes & functions, that you can browse to find the best one for you.

What makes Festool so outstanding?

Festool established a reputation for themselves by generating extremely high-quality power tools and pioneering a number of game-changing tools that no one else offers.

Dust Collection with Quality Innovation

If you want highly accurate tools, that would last a life span or have features that no other tool has (like the Domino), then Festool is indeed the way to go. Their dust extraction capabilities outperform almost all other tool brands as well. As we learn more about the dangers of extended exposure to sawdust, using tools that eliminate the vast bulk of the dust generated becomes increasingly important.

They also sell a variety of DIY products that you can purchase even if you are not a professional. However, it is best to consult with just an expert before actually purchasing because he may suggest something based on your needs.

Where is Festool produced?

Festool things are formulated in Germany and manufactured in several locations around the world. Following that, such tools are sold around the world by a devoted sales force and distributors.

Festool is not inexpensive, but you do get which one you pay for. They are expensive due to their unique design & innovative technology, but if you do have the budget, it is well worth it.

Is Festool worth the price?

To be honest, you would be lying when you say no. Festool is valuable the cash; however, the big question is whether the price is worth it to you. Let me be the first to tell you that if you are new to the building projects or woodworking industry, my response is no. It will not be worth your money.

You don’t go out and buy the best cordless curved saw just to cut down tables. You first determine why you are heading to spend all this money on a product, and then you act on that information.


If you’re a newbie with some extra cash & want to get high-quality tools, consider the Dewalt as well as Makita product offerings. These techniques will do an excellent job and potentially save you thousands of dollars. Have the Festool version once you know a tool is useful for one’s work (and you understand how to do it correctly). If you’re a seasoned professional deciding between a Festool and a high-end Dewalt, Hitachi, or Makita, you might be surprised at how much better Festool works in your shop.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is the Public’s Reaction to Festool’s High Cost?

It is obvious that Festool labeled tools are not for everyone; folks occasionally save money for months to pay for the products. However, if you read through the brand’s forum, you will find mixed reactions; some believe it is acceptable to be expensive. On the other hand, a few people believe the opposite; they claim that Festool is not supplying the quality goods it promised while charging a high price in that name.

Is it essential to spend funds on Festool products?

If you are still unsure about purchasing Festool despite its high price, you can read the article; additionally, you can choose it for professional use. When you’re a novice or a hobbyist, you shouldn’t spend too much money; you can get a cheap one for short-term use.

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