Why is Lululemon so successful?

You’ve probably heard of Lululemon before. This famous athleisure wear brand is all over the place! While there are several athletic wear companies out there, Lululemon seems to be doing exceptionally well. So how did this company become so well-known and successful?

If you’d like to find out, here are 11 reasons why Lululemon is so popular. Read on to understand how this clothing brand used quality merchandise and clever branding to get where they are today!

Why Is Lululemon So Successful In 2022?

1. Comfortable Clothing

If you’ve tried Lululemon clothing, you know how comfortable it can be.

Lululemon fabrics are not only soft on the skin, but the clothing keeps everything securely in place without feeling suffocating.

As well, they are breathable and flexible, so you can do everything from the splits to running.

Lululemon invests a good deal in innovation. Its Science of Feel Design technology shows how much research goes into creating the perfect item of clothing.

As a result, Lululemon’s clothing feels effortless on the body.

2. Durability

Lululemon is known for its durability, as the brand’s clothing is made with solid and long-lasting fabrics and designs.

People prefer clothing they can rely on for a long time to come, and Lululemon clothing doesn’t stretch out with wear or shrink in the wash.

In all the time I’ve owned Lululemon, I’ve never even had an item tear or develop holes. Overall, it maintains its shape, size, and quality for a long time.

3. Lululemon Is Stylish 

Lululemon isn’t your typical athletic gear. While it’s functional, it’s also stylish and can be worn both in and out of the gym.

Whether running errands around town, grabbing a coffee with friends, or taking that new HIIT class, Lululemon clothes come in handy.

Sweatpants may have a reputation for being frumpy, but Lululemon is considered fashionable. No matter the activity, the clothing makes people look comfortable yet put together.  

4. Lululemon Is Flattering

Lululemon clothing looks good on all body types. With the right fit, it feels secure without pinching the skin or causing that muffin-top feel that other pants do.

This company has created clothing that makes everything look tighter without hiding curves.

Many leggings also come with a high-waisted design which keeps them up during movement and provides some nice tummy control.

5. Ideal for Exercising

Lululemon fabrics are moveable, breathable, and flexible. These are ideal components for any athletic activity. 

Lululemon was initially made for yoga. However, as the company expanded, so did its merchandise.

There are clothing options for high-sweat activities, such as running, and flexible movements such as stretching.

For example, the Nulux fabric is weightless and breathable, perfect for exercising on hot days.

Lululemon clothing also adds just the right amount of support without weighing you down. You don’t have to worry about hiking up your pants or pulling down your shirt as you move around.

As the company says, “When you feel your best, you perform your best.”

6. For Its Align Yoga Brand

People rave about Lululemon’s Align brand. It’s touted as one of the best yoga wear brands out there. But does it live up to the hype?

In our opinion, it does, and this is for several reasons. Align products are made with Lululemon’s Nulu fabric, described as “buttery soft.”

Imagine pulling on a pair and feeling as if you are melting into them. As far as material goes, that’s hard to beat.

Align clothing also has a lot of give. Align leggings have high waistlines without being constrictive.

So, whether you are stretching in a yoga class or just eating a big meal, align clothing stretches when you do.

7. Targeted Advertising

Lululemon has a strong advertising campaign. To better target their market, the company created an imaginary profile of their ideal customer.

Ocean is a 32-year-old female professional making roughly $100,000 grand a year. She is busy and successful while still being health-conscience.

Duke is a 35-year-old male who is both athletic and style-conscious. He makes slightly more than Ocean and is willing to pay high prices for comfort and fashion.    

Using these two archetypes, the company has successfully attracted its target audience; people that fit the description are drawn to the image, while young 20-somethings strive to live up to it.

8. Connection to the Consumer

Lululemon understands that customer relations are a big part of doing business, and wants customers to feel like they matter and are part of a larger community.

This is done through exemplary customer service, a strong social media presence, and brand ambassadors.

Lululemon offers community events like free yoga classes, workshops, and yoga-inspired festivals.

Beyond just being a clothing brand, Lululemon wants to be seen as a community hub. People who feel more involved in a brand are more likely to be repeat customers.  

9. People Buy-in to the Lifestyle

Consumers aren’t just drawn to Lululemon’s comfy, functional athletic wear. Rather, they like the image that has been created around the company’s name.

Lululemon’s marketing is clever in that they’ve created a lifestyle brand that continuously appeals to younger generations.

If you wear Lululemon, you are considered the hip, healthy elite. Being part of that cool, health-conscience community can be a motivating factor for many.    

10. Athleisure Clothing Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

Athleisure clothing is becoming more and more popular. After all, why wouldn’t people want to look good and feel comfortable?

Athleisure apparel is expanding to become more stylish and multipurpose.

It’s normal nowadays to wear athleisure for both active and everyday pursuits, as you can wear it for sweaty workouts or even casual outings.

11. Loyal Customer Base

Lululemon has done very well in creating a solid, loyal customer base. The company draws people in with clever marketing and quality apparel.

However, Lululemon retains customers by making them feel part of the brand image.

People keep coming back for more and spreading the word, which creates even more buzz and free marketing for the company.


Lululemon is well-known because of its smart marketing and quality products. Consumers rave about how comfy, stylish, and long-lasting the clothing is. While the clothes may sell themselves, people also buy into the image Lululemon has created.

Add a strong sense of community to the mix, and you’ve got a loyal customer base that isn’t only willing to return but happy to spread the word.

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