Why Wii remote can’t connect?

The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console developed by Nintendo. It came out first on November 19, 2006, in North America and the following month for most other regions worldwide. The main controller used to navigate the console is the Wii Remote, a cuboid-shaped device with a string attached to it that can be put around one’s hand. Along with that comes a nunchuck, which is an external attachment to the base of the Wii Remote. Read more Why is my Wii remote flashing but not connecting?

Why Wii remote can’t connect?

There can be many reasons as to why the Wii Remote’s lights are only flashing but not connecting. The most common cause is that the Wii Remote is no longer synced to the main console. It could have previously been synced but is now not synced for many reasons. This article shall guide you to fix this issue and give multiple solutions to reconnect the remote to the main console. 

To fix the issue, we must first understand what the blinking lights are and mean. The blinking lights essentially denote Wii Remote Player LEDs Overview. The Wii Remote has four such lights, which are used to indicate the player number (which is represented by a stable light on one of the dots, depending on the player number). Blinking LED lights denote that the Wii Remote is trying to sync with the console. Thus, the syncing process can and should be commenced only after seeing the blinking lights. If the blinking lights are not there, it would mean that there are either no batteries in the remote or the powers in the existing batteries have been drained. 

The first time a Nintendo Wii is unboxed, the remote requires it to be synced to the main console. To perform this, the red “sync” button on the main console and the small red button inside the Wii remote need to be pressed simultaneously. In a situation where a remote that was previously synced, and working is now not working, the following steps need to be followed:

  • The main Nintendo Wii console has first to be turned on, and you must wait until the “health and safety” screen appears. You must not press “A” on this screen using any remote.
  • You must then open the red SYNC button slot, which is right next to the SD card slot on the main console. Press and hold that red SYNC button for at least 15 seconds. This function clears all past Wii remotes from the memory of the console. 
  • You must then remove the battery cover on the Wii Remote facing the issue and open the battery, where you will find the red SYNC button. You must thus resync the remote to the console by pressing the red SYNC button on the remote and the console. Any remote which needs to be tested and used, the same process has to be employed. 
  • If this process fails, the batteries of the Wii Remote need to be removed and kept outside for two to three minutes. Proceed to placing the batteries back in the remote and repeating the first three steps. 
  • If even this step fails, you must try all four steps again on a different remote to check if the problem lies with the remote or the console. 
  • If the other Wii Remote syncs with the console, it means that the remote has some defect and needs to be repaired. The Nintendo Consumer Service needs to be contacted to initiate the repair proceedings. 
  • If other remotes also do not sync with the console, then the problem is with the console, and that must be fixed by contacting the Nintendo Consumer Service.

There could be another reason as to why the lights continue to blink. There might be an infrared light source interfering with the Wii Remote and the sensor bar attachment of the console. Light sources such as candles should be moved aside from the sensor bar. Curtains can also be pulled to prevent direct light from hitting the sensor. Surprisingly, Christmas tree lights can also interfere with the functioning of the Wii Remote. It is pretty unlikely, but radio frequencies can also interfere with the functioning of the Wii Remote. When playing on the Wii, try to relocate any wireless devices such as mice, keyboards, phones, etc.


The blue lights that blink on the Wii Remote are more often than not caused by a syncing issue. Follow all the steps provided to fix this issue, and the blinking lights problem shall no more exist.

Where is the red SYNC button on the Wii console?

The button is in the memory card slot, which has to be opened. 

Where is the red SYNC button on the Wii Remote?

It is inside the battery area of the remote. 

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