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The entrepreneurial Youn Jae Lee established his company in South Korea in 1979 by manufacturing tents outdoors. Zinus has provided mattresses and furniture to more than 18 million customers in over 15 countries. We’re dedicated to making people happy. Thus, Zinus products are easily affordable, assemblable, and enjoyable. Since its founding in Seoul, the company has expanded across 15 countries and plans to reach even more countries in the coming years with its expertly crafted products. The company is now headquartered in Tracy, California. Zinus reminds us that life is good and that we need to treasure it. This article explains – Zinus Mattress Return Policy.

Zinus Mattress Return Policy

Mattresses from Zinus have a 100-day trial period and can be returned within that time frame.  During this time frame, you can easily return your mattress if it isn’t the right fit for you. Zinus returns your money if you are not satisfied.

The return of mattresses is handled online. Refunds are processed back to the original method of payment once the return process has been completed. Over 16 years ago, Zinus began selling mattresses and using a unique foam called BioFoam®. Find a new mattress at Zinus today!

In return, you need to make sure that:

  • You must return the item in an untouched condition. This means it should be free of odors, stains, or smears.
  • It is accompanied by all the necessary documents.
  • There are no missing parts or accessories.
  • Proof of purchase is still in your possession.

You must fill out a return authorization form on their website to receive a return authorization as long as the mattress is in good condition (no stains or strange smells). After they process your order, they will provide you with a prepaid return label and instructions on how to arrange a FedEx pick-up. Contact customer service for assistance with decompressed mattresses.

A Zinus mattress purchased at a retailer other than Zinus will require a return policy specific to that retailer.

Can online purchases be returned to a store?

Zinus has a very limited number of physical stores around the globe, and almost all its products are sold online. Zinus recommends returning items online. The Zinus 100-night trial is only available and applicable to online purchases.

Your guide to returning Zinus items-

Providing that all the conditions are met, you are eligible to return the product. To return the product, click on How can we help? then follow these steps:

  • Under the Request Category drop-down menu, choose Customer Support
  • Put your e-mail address here
  • Provide details about your request
  • A drop-down menu for Request Topics: selects Return Request
  • Under Reseller, select
  • Use the drop-down menu to select your appropriate reason for returning.
  • You should enter the order number from your PO
  • Your proof of purchase should be uploaded as a photo
  • Submit the form

A prepaid return label will be emailed to you by Zinus, along with instructions for setting up a FedEx pickup.

Sadly, Zinus does not have any physical stores; therefore, this return policy only applies to items purchased directly from the company’s website. You would be subject to the return policy of the retailer from whom you ordered your Zinus item if you purchased it from one of their retail partners.

What is the turnaround time for a refund?

Zinus will issue a refund in 2-3 business days in the original payment mode once it receives the returned mattress.

Note that this 2–3-day turnaround only begins once they receive the mattress back from you. You may have to wait up to nine business days for your refund since shipping usually takes 3-6 business days.

Decompressed Mattresses and Toppers are covered by the Zinus Return Policy

During the 100-day return period, you can get a refund on your mattress or topper if it was decompressed at delivery or failed. See ‘Decompressed Mattress and Topper Return Instructions’ for assistance. 

There are several ways to return a decompressed mattress to Zinus:

  • You can give it to a charity, a non-profit, or a local church since these organizations usually provide free local pick-ups (Salvation Army, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.).
  • If you can obtain proof of donation or a receipt, you can also donate to local churches or non-profit organizations of your choice. 
  • Alternatively, you can take the item to your nearest mattress recycling or disposal center.
  • Mattresses, for example, can often be picked up for free by some organizations. If you need to send photos of the item you are having retrieved, be sure to ask for a receipt with the location and phone number of the place of disposal, which you can then upload to to begin the review process.

A receipt confirming the disposal of the product or the donation of the product (if you decide to dispose of the product, take pictures as supplementary proof). Zinus will review the proof and process the refund for you if applicable. Please send your proof to 

The service partners of Zinus charge $75 per item for removing your old mattress or spring box. Your refund will be reduced by this amount.

A Comprehensive Overview of Zinus Warranty Policies – The Zinus Handshake

As part of the Zinus Handshake warranty, items are also eligible for refunds and replacements. Among them are mattresses, toppers, frames, and so on. Your purchases are covered against manufacturing or material defects.

  • The 10-year worry-free warranty provided by Zinus mattresses
  • Warranty: Five-year worry-free frame and mattress foundation from ZINUS
  • Warranty: 5-year worry-free with Zinus Mattress Topper
  • Limited Warranty of 1-year from Zinus

Your product may be covered by any of the following warranties:

  • You must have purchased the item from an authorized retailer when it was brand new
  • The product must have exhibited the defect during normal use; if the product has been adversely used, misused, or altered in any way, the warranty becomes null and void.
  • Original sales receipts or invoices are required as proof of purchase

When the authorized dealer’s window for returns is over, the warranty becomes valid. The warranty is not transferable-it is tied solely to the original buyer only. Zinus will replace or refund qualified returned items according to its discretion.

How To Return Zinus Items to Partner Retailers

Customers who purchased a Zinus product from another company will need to reach out to the retailer directly to get information about the returns:

Retail PartnerPhone NumberReturn Guides
Mattress FirmN/AMattress Firm return policy
Amazon return policy
Amazon Tech800-362-5703
eBay866-540-3229eBay return policy
Costco800-774-2678Costco return policy
Hayneedle888-880-4884Hayneedle return policy
Home Depot800-466-3337Home Depot return policy
Chewy800-672-4399Chewy return policy
Overstock800-843-2446Overstock return policy
Macy’s800-289-6229Macy’s return policy
Sam’s Club888-746-7726Sam’s Club return policy
Wayfair866-263-8325Wayfair return policy
Target800-440-0680Target return policy
Walmart800-925-6278Walmart return policy

Do I receive a full refund of my purchase price?

Mattresses are returned in full with no additional charge. A refund will be issued to the original payment method.


In accordance with the company’s return policy, you can return your product within 100 days of its trial period for a full refund. Mattresses made by Zinus are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. Warranty coverage is effective only after the authorized dealer’s return window has expired. If a mattress proves to be defective based on faulty workmanship or structural defects, except for the specific limitations contained herein, you will either be replaced or receive a pro-rated refund.

For products covered by the Zinus Return and Exchange Policy purchased from, this policy applies. Their partner sites define the return window and conditions for Zinus products. If you purchase Zinus products through one of their partners, then those conditions are determined by that retailer.

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